Coordinated Wheel Control Operation by Group “Z” and EOMO in Limassol

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During the coordinated wheel control operation by Group “Z” and EOMO in Limassol, law enforcement officers reported several violations, including 25 drivers for licensing issues, 17 impounded vehicles, 20 individuals for insurance violations, and various complaints for vehicle condition non-compliance. A total of 286 traffic violations were identified, showcasing significant efforts to enhance road safety in the community.

What was the outcome of the coordinated wheel control operation by Group “Z” and EOMO in Limassol?

During the wheel control operation in Limassol, law enforcement officers reported:
– 25 drivers for licensing issues
– 17 vehicles impounded
– 20 individuals for insurance violations
– Various complaints for vehicle condition non-compliance
– 286 traffic violations in total, enhancing road safety efforts.

Overview of the Traffic Operation

In an effort to enhance road safety and curb traffic violations, Group “Z” of the Limassol Police Department, alongside the Special Motorcycle Unit of the Traffic Police Headquarters, initiated a comprehensive wheel control operation in Limassol. This operation was a significant move to mitigate the risk of serious and potentially fatal road accidents.

Enforcement Action Results

During this extensive day-long operation, law enforcement officers were proactive in identifying and penalizing a variety of traffic offenses. Their vigilance led to several noteworthy outcomes:

Unlicensed and Improperly Permitted Drivers Caught

A significant number of drivers were found to be operating their vehicles without proper licensing. Twelve individuals were caught driving without any form of driving license, and a further thirteen were found to be using expired student driving permits. These transgressions resulted in the offenders being reported accordingly.

Vehicle Impoundments

The operation also led to the impoundment of several vehicles. A total of twelve cars and five motorcycles were seized by the authorities as part of the enforcement checks.

Insurance and Vehicle Documentation Violations

Non-compliance with vehicle insurance requirements was another focal point of the controls. Twenty individuals faced reports for lacking valid insurance certificates. Additionally, the operation uncovered other documentation issues, including:

  • Five drivers operating vehicles without a valid MOT certificate.
  • Ten individuals driving vehicles that were declared as immobilized.
  • Thirteen drivers in charge of vehicles lacking valid circulation permits.

Vehicle Condition and Compliance

Officers also targeted vehicles in poor condition or not adhering to safety regulations. Complaints in this category included:

  • Fifteen regarding faulty vehicle lights.
  • Ten concerning worn-out tires.
  • Ten related to improperly tinted windows.
  • Eight for driving vehicles without license plates.

Traffic Violations and Safety Issues

The operation was not limited to vehicle-related offenses but also addressed general traffic violations impacting road safety:

  • Sixty-seven complaints involved the failure to use seat belts and protective helmets.
  • Forty-two instances of mobile phone usage while driving.
  • Twenty-two traffic signal violations.
  • Seventeen illegal parking incidents.
  • Nine offenses by personal mobility device operators.
  • Additionally, one driver was detained following a positive alcohol driving test, and two drivers were found positive in preliminary drug driving tests.

Final Remarks on the Operation

The wheel control operation in Limassol was a clear demonstration of the commitment of Group “Z” and the EOMO Traffic Police to enforce the law and to encourage safer driving practices. Through their efforts, a total of 286 traffic violations were identified and addressed, signifying a substantial move towards improving road safety for the community.

During a coordinated operation by Group “Z” and EOMO in Limassol, law enforcement officers found many people breaking the rules of the road. They caught 25 drivers who didn’t have the proper licenses, impounded 17 vehicles, and found 20 people who didn’t have insurance. They also received complaints about vehicles that weren’t in good condition. In total, they found 286 traffic violations. This operation was done to make the roads safer for everyone.

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