July 2024

environmental conservation wildlife preservation

Achna Dam: A Natural Jewel Marred by Neglect

Achna Dam, a protected Natura 2000 site, is facing a crisis of pollution and illegal hunting, endangering local wildlife. Despite efforts by conservationists like Dobri Radev, bureaucratic hurdles and lack of action from authorities have hindered progress in preserving this natural jewel in Cyprus.

governmental mismanagement energy infrastructure

Public to Absorb Costs of LNG Terminal Debacle

Taxpayers in Cyprus are facing the financial fallout of the delayed LNG terminal project in Vassiliko, as failed negotiations have led to increased costs. With soaring electricity bills and the unfinished infrastructure, citizens are left wondering about the full extent of the financial burden they will bear.

cyprus bastille day

A Glimmer of Hope for Cyprus: Promising Developments Expected

President Nikos Christodoulides has hinted at forthcoming positive developments for Cyprus, potentially leading to a reunification agreement by the end of the year based on a bizonal, bicommunal federation with political equality. These promising prospects are supported by France’s alliance, highlighting the commitment to democratic values celebrated on Bastille Day and aiming to enhance EU’s strategic autonomy and regional stability.

turkey coup attempt

Commemorating the Anniversary of the Turkey Coup Attempt

Commemorating the anniversary of the 2016 Turkey coup attempt on July 15th reflects on the significant loss of life and political upheaval that ensued. Events honor those who resisted the coup and remember the civilians and soldiers who tragically lost their lives, highlighting the enduring impact on Turkey’s political landscape and civil liberties.

property disputes legal proceedings

Legal Complexity Amid Cyprus Property Sales

The legal complexities surrounding property sales in Cyprus, particularly in the northern part of the island, have intensified with recent arrests and investigations involving German nationals like the 49yearold woman and Josef Rikels. These cases highlight the ongoing challenges in resolving property disputes in a region marred by a complex history and international legal implications.

scam fraud

Paphos Man Sought in Alleged Metamax Pyramid Scheme

The Metamax pyramid scheme in Paphos involves a 48yearold man accused of swindling €150,000 through false promises of profits based on recruiting new participants, not product sales. Authorities are investigating 55 reports of deception as they seek justice for those affected by this alleged fraudulent operation.

cheese small producers

Halloumi Cheese Controversy: Small Producers at Risk

President Nikos Christodoulides and Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou have acknowledged the concerns raised by smallscale halloumi producers and have promised to address the issue. They have agreed to engage in discussions with the cheesemakers to find a solution that balances the protection of halloumi’s PDO status with the sustainability of small producers, offering hope for a positive outcome in the near future.

crime burglary

Brazen Burglary: Armed Intruder’s Early Morning Heist

In a daring early morning heist in Kioneli, an armed intruder broke into a house at 5:30 am with a doublebarrelled rifle, making off with 500,000TL (€13,873) in 200TL notes. Despite his subsequent arrest, the stolen money has yet to be recovered, leaving the community on edge and authorities scrambling to solve the mystery.

government budgeting

Ministries Present Projects for 2025 Budget

The ministries’ collaborative efforts for the 2025 budget aim to align with President Christodoulides’ strategic goals, focusing on longterm benefits in infrastructure, health, education, and economic growth. This transparent and meticulous approach sets the stage for progress and prosperity, reflecting the government’s vision and commitment to governance.

politics connectivity

Former UK Minister Advocates for Direct Flights to Northern Cyprus

Former UK Minister Sir Iain Duncan Smith is pushing for direct flights between the UK and Northern Cyprus, aiming to ease travel for Turkish Cypriot British citizens with family in the north and to aid reunification efforts on the island. His advocacy underscores the humanitarian impact and improved connectivity that such flights could bring, emphasizing the urgent need for action to bridge the divide between communities separated by political and geographical boundaries.

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