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Cyprus’ Challenge with Antibiotic Usage in Farming

Cyprus grapples with high antibiotic use in livestock farming, leading to a significant challenge with antibiotic resistance especially in pigs and poultry. Efforts to combat this include EUfunded seminars, CAP plans, and a 23.4% reduction in antimicrobial substance sales, aiming to halve antimicrobial use by 2023 for a sustainable future.

healthcare gesy system

‘On the brink of Gesy system collapse’ – Akel

The Gesy health system in Cyprus is on the verge of collapse due to understaffing, neglect of mental health services, and system abuses. Opposition party Akel calls for immediate transparency, engagement, and a strategic modernization plan to prevent a future where only the wealthy receive adequate medical coverage.

healthcare nursing shortage

Health Minister Advocates for Nursing Careers Amongst Youth

Health Minister of Cyprus, Michalis Damianos, urges youth to consider nursing and midwifery careers due to critical shortages in healthcare. With promising job prospects and diverse roles in patient care, prevention, and research, the minister advocates for these professions to combat the shortage and ensure public health is prioritized.

healthcare diagnostics

Healthcare Standoff: Diagnostic Centres Brace for Impact

In a heated standoff between the diagnostics association and the Health Insurance Organisation, diagnostic centres face potential closure due to a reform set for 2025. The association vows legal action to protect essential services, emphasizing the urgent need for transparent dialogue to preserve healthcare standards.

body positivity fashion industry

Confronting Cyprus’ Weight Bias

Confronting Cyprus’ Weight Bias: The average dress size for women in Cyprus is a European 44 to 46, UK 16 to 18, and US 14 to 16. Limited availability of larger sizes in Cyprus’ malls indicates a bias towards slender frames, impacting fashion and societal attitudes towards body image.

medicine patient safety

Public Outcry Over Doctor’s Return to Practice

The controversy surrounding a doctor’s return to practice in Cyprus after being convicted of indecent assault against a patient has sparked calls for legislative reforms and stricter medical conduct regulations to uphold patient safety and trust in healthcare. Health Minister Michalis Damianokos is in discussions with the Cyprus Medical Association to address the need for updates in the existing protocols governing medical professionals’ behavior.

weather heatwave

Preparing for the Heat: Yellow Weather Alert in Effect

A yellow weather alert signals a sudden surge in temperatures, with highs reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. To stay safe, drink plenty of water, avoid midday sun, wear light clothing, recognize heat exhaustion signs, and keep homes cool with fans or closed blinds. Don’t forget to check on vulnerable neighbors, like the elderly and young children, during this heatwave.

wellness ancient rituals

Embracing the Waters: Cyprus’ Legacy and Modern Practices

Water in Cyprus holds deep cultural and spiritual significance, rooted in ancient rituals and modern wellness practices. From Greek purification baths to Eastern philosophies like Feng Shui, water continues to play a crucial role in harmonizing lives and spaces, blending tradition with contemporary understanding in a delicate dance of balance and renewal.

cancer patients support network

Pasykaf: A Beacon of Hope for Cancer Patients

Pasykaf, the cancer patients’ association, supported nearly 8,000 patients and families in 2023, collaborating with prestigious centers like the German Oncology Center and UCLan Cyprus University to provide vital resources and care. Their motto “Together through life” epitomizes their role as a beacon of hope and network of support for individuals battling cancer on the island and beyond.

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