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Christodoulides Unveils Strategic Initiatives for Elderly Care in Cyprus

President Nikos Christodoulides has revealed a series of initiatives to improve elderly care in Cyprus, including a national strategy for active aging, prompt payment of pensions, an overhaul of the pension system, specialized public transport services for the elderly, and a strengthened social protection network. These measures aim to enhance the welfare and quality of life for the elderly population in Cyprus, ensuring they receive the support and services they need.

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Early Warning System for Dengue-Carrying Mosquitoes

VEClim, an online digital early warning system developed by the Cyprus Institute, monitors and projects the activity of Asian tiger mosquitoes, carriers of dengue fever, in Cyprus. By integrating entomological research with climate modeling, VEClim provides risk assessments, detailed analyses of potential outbreaks, and informs public health planning and vector control strategies, making it a valuable tool in preventing vectorborne diseases.

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Cyprus tops EU list for taking antibiotics

Cyprus has earned the dubious distinction of being the highest consumer of antibiotics in the EU, with 50% of its residents taking antibiotics yearly. This overuse, often due to selfmedication and the misconception that antibiotics can treat viruses, has led to a surge in antibioticresistant infections, posing significant health risks and increasing treatment costs.

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Vital Health Campaign: Cyprus Offers Free Oral Cancer Screenings

Cyprus is offering free oral cancer screenings to encourage early detection and raise awareness. The mobile dental units will be stationed at strategic locations, ensuring accessibility and convenience for individuals to get checked. This campaign highlights the global impact of oral cancer and sets an example for other nations to follow. By focusing on prevention and early diagnosis, Cyprus aims to save lives and improve outcomes for those affected by the disease.

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Advancing National Health: Cyprus Introduces Electronic Health Records

Cyprus is revolutionizing its healthcare system by introducing electronic health records for all citizens, establishing a “National electronic health bank,” and launching the myHealth@cy mobile app. This initiative aims to digitize health records, improve accessibility and update regularity, and ensure secure storage, while emphasizing patientcentered care and healthcare equality.

alcohol consumption cypriot youths

Alcohol Consumption Among Cypriot Youths: A Comparative Perspective

A recent survey revealed that Cypriot children have easy access to alcohol, surpassing the European average, with 87% reporting easy access. While they consume less alcohol in volume, they drink more frequently than their European peers, with boys drinking more heavily than girls. Health advocates are raising concerns about the associated health risks and urging for educational campaigns and policy changes to address this issue.

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Advocating for Women’s Health in Cyprus

Kathy Kattashis founded the Mitra Cyprus Menopause Centre to address the needs of perimenopausal and menopausal women in Cyprus, where their healthcare needs are often overlooked. The nonprofit organization aims to provide support, spread awareness, and advocate for the integration of menopause education in state healthcare programs, creating a community where women’s health during these life stages is recognized and supported.

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Elderly Abuse: A Growing Concern in Society

Elderly abuse is a growing concern in society, with a significant increase in incidents over the past decade. The abuse includes physical violence, neglect, economic exploitation, and emotional torment, and often goes unreported, especially when family members are the perpetrators. It is crucial to take action and raise awareness to protect the dignity and wellbeing of older adults.

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Reflecting on the Struggles and Advancements in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Cyprus

Despite advancements in treatment and diagnosis rates, individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Cyprus continue to face discrimination and a lack of quality of life. Calls for state action and policy reform have been made to protect the rights and dignity of patients, with the hope of eliminating stigma and prejudice surrounding the illness. The reconstitution of the National AIDS Committee and the involvement of the Health Ministry have brought about positive changes, but it is crucial for Cyprus to continue fostering initiatives and policies that support those affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Healing in Nature: Israeli Festival Survivors Find Peace in Cyprus

Israeli festival attack survivors have found solace at the Secret Forest retreat in Cyprus, where they engage in yoga, therapy, hikes, and meditation to process trauma and foster selfacceptance. This serene sanctuary, operated by entrepreneur Yoni Kahana and supported by IsraAID and an Israeli NGO, provides a space for survivors to reclaim their lives and embrace hope amidst the beauty of nature.

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