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Cyprus Beer Market Sees Remarkable Uptick in March

In March 2023, Cyprus saw a 10% increase in domestic beer sales, reaching 3.3 million liters, while beer exports dropped by 18%. This trend suggests a growing local preference for Cypriotmade beers and highlights the need for breweries to innovate and adapt their export strategies.

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Cyprus Restaurants Experience Surge in Patronage

During recent holidays like Green Monday and March 25, Cyprus’ restaurants and bars, especially in coastal areas, saw a surge in patronage, reaching 8090% capacity, with some areas at full occupancy. This increased activity signals a hopeful economic revival preceding the tourist season.

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A Culinary Rediscovery at Firis, Konia

At Firis in Konia, guests can savor a blend of traditional Cypriot flavors with modern flair, featuring woodfired bread, seasonal meze, and smoky meats in an ambiance that celebrates the island’s gastronomic heritage. The recently refurbished restaurant, located near Paphos, offers a warm and inviting experience that promises a culinary rediscovery of Cyprus.

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Unveiling Cyprus’s Wine Industry: Challenges and Solutions

Cyprus’s wine industry faces challenges like a small domestic market and climate change, but solutions like leveraging technology and online sales can help overcome these obstacles. Embracing consumer trends for sustainable wines and utilizing digital marketing can enhance brand visibility and global reach for Cypriot wineries.

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Cyprus Winery Crafts Exceptional Vintages

Ktima Dafermou winery in Cyprus stands out for its blend of traditional winemaking methods with modern technology, led by visionary oenologist Savvas Fakoukakis. Their sustainable practices and diverse grape varieties result in awardwinning vintages that reflect the unique terroir of the Lefkara valley.

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