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Paphos: The Jewel of Livability

Paphos, Cyprus, has been crowned the most liveable small city in the world, boasting a high livability score of 5.495 out of 7. Known for its leisure options, job stability, health, safety, and affordability, Paphos offers a relaxed pace of life, cultural richness, and Mediterranean charm, making it an ideal place for both locals and expatriates seeking quality of life.

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Great Nicosia Walk Unveiled

The Great Nicosia Walk is a new ‘green’ promenade around the ancient Venetian walls and the moat, connecting different parts of Nicosia and serving as an outdoor museum. The initiative enhances the city’s cultural and social infrastructure, blending history with ecoconsciousness in an inviting and educational way.

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Tourism minister stresses importance of beach sustainability

Cyprus Tourism Minister Kostas Koumis stresses the importance of beach sustainability for future tourism and the environment, advocating for protection against plastic pollution and community involvement. Speaking at the ‘Beach without Plastics’ event in Ayia Napa, Koumis emphasizes education and shared responsibility in preserving the natural beauty of Cyprus’s coastlines for generations to come.

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Landmark Site Seeks UNESCO World Heritage Status

Cape Aspro and Petra tou Romiou are seeking UNESCO World Heritage status due to their unique blend of cultural significance, rich biodiversity, and geological marvels. This coastal region in Cyprus includes stunning landscapes, mythological heritage, and archaeological treasures, making it a strong candidate for international recognition.

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Today’s Weather: A Clear View with Cloudy Spells Inland

Today’s weather showcases clear skies with occasional high cloud cover inland and in the southeast regions, with temperatures reaching up to 34°C. Nighttime brings cooler temperatures, dropping to 18°C in most areas and a chilly 12°C in the mountains. The weekend forecast includes potential showers in the mountains on Saturday, along with changing temperatures reflecting the variability of spring.

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A Journey Through Automotive History: The Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum

The Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum boasts a collection of over 120 vehicles, including the iconic 1912 Ford ‘T’ and the armored Cadillac of President Makarios III, offering visitors a unique journey through automotive history. With events, rentals for special occasions, and tours around Limassol, the museum integrates into the community, providing an immersive experience for classic car enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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Understanding Trust in Cypriot Society

In Cyprus, family forms the cornerstone of society, with strong familial ties providing a crucial support system in a culture marked by historical challenges. Trust in nonrelatives and public institutions remains low, pushing Cypriots towards reliance on family networks for legal, medical, and financial support, celebrated through frequent gatherings and traditions.

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Today’s Weather: Hot and Windy

Today’s weather is hot and windy, with temperatures soaring up to 33 degrees Celsius inland and on the northern coast, while coastal regions will reach 30 degrees Celsius. Be prepared for gusty winds along the coast with dust in the air, and expect cooler temperatures in the evening, dropping to as low as 9 degrees Celsius in some areas.

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Leonardo Hotels Announces The Grand Resort Limassol

Leonardo Hotels introduces The Grand Resort Limassol, a lavish fivestar destination in Cyprus with 255 rooms, exquisite dining options, expansive pools, spa facilities, and entertainment offerings. Situated by the Mediterranean Sea, the resort boasts a modern design and familyfriendly amenities, promising an unforgettable stay for all guests.

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