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North Airport Passenger Numbers Soar in 2024

Passenger numbers at Ercan (Tymbou) Airport surged by 28% in 2024, reaching 2,181,947 travelers in the first six months. The airport’s new terminal, extended runway, and commitment to efficiency have contributed to this remarkable growth, positioning it as a key hub for regional travel.

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BBF’s Visionary Journey Continues – The Pioneering New Projects That Will Elevate Cyprus to a World-Class Destination

BBF, in collaboration with UHA, is leading pioneering projects in Cyprus such as a mixeduse development in Palodia, the KEAN site coastal development in Limassol, and the restoration of the historic Berengaria Hotel. These projects showcase BBF’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community enhancement, elevating Cyprus to a worldclass destination.

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Mercure Larnaca City Opens Its Doors

The new Mercure Larnaca City, blending historical charm with modern amenities, offers 42 stylish rooms, a Sky View Gym, rooftop pool and bar, and the Smoothie Factory for dining pleasures. Located near local attractions and Larnaca International Airport, visitors can enjoy comfort and convenience in the heart of Larnaca with Solaar Hospitality ensuring a memorable stay.

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Navigating Cyprus: A Journey Through Landmarks

Navigating Cyprus is a unique blend of tradition and history, with locals relying on landmarks instead of street names for directions. Through defunct stores and natural features, Cypriots navigate the urban landscape with a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, reflecting the island’s rich cultural tapestry.

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Neocleous Tower Redefines Workplace Wellbeing with Unique 5th Floor Offering

Neocleous Tower’s 5th floor is a luxurious, adaptable space that offers a café, lounge, restaurant, and terraces for a balanced worklife dynamic, redefining workplace design with smart technologies, ecofriendly practices, and spaces that foster community and collaboration in the heart of Limassol. This multifunctional landscape, meticulously crafted by Side to Side, is a testament to humancentered design, offering a haven of wellbeing where employees can thrive in a sophisticated atmosphere that seamlessly blends work and leisure, setting a new standard for corporate environments.

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Unleashing the Potential of Golf Tourism in Cyprus

Golf tourism in Cyprus has immense potential, with affluent visitors spending double the average daily amount. Challenges include delays in developing new courses, with only four completed out of fourteen planned since the 90s. The government is now modernizing policies to stimulate progress and maximize the benefits of this lucrative industry.

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The Leptos Group: Pioneer Property Developers Since 1960

The Leptos Group, pioneering property developers since 1960, have reshaped modern living in Cyprus and Greece with over 350 innovative residential and commercial projects. Their legacy of luxury, sustainability, and communityfocused developments reflects a deep commitment to Mediterranean heritage and contemporary design, setting new standards in the real estate industry.

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