The Glamorous, Unbelievable Life of Cyprus Designer Hi Tek Alexander

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Cyprus designer Hi Tek Alexander, once basking in the glitz of Los Angeles, now leads a serene life in Larnaca at 72. His brand, Hi Tek Designs, is known for avant-garde creations, reflecting his journey from extravagant past to humble present, embodying reinvention and enduring creativity.

What is the story of Cyprus designer Hi Tek Alexander?

Hi Tek Alexander, born Alexandros Tasou, transitioned from the glitz of Los Angeles to a tranquil life in Larnaca. At 72, his life is marked by past extravagances with celebrities and beautiful women, to a present steeped in humble creativity and family life. His brand, Hi Tek Designs, is known for avant-garde, steampunk-influenced creations. Despite challenges, he remains a symbol of reinvention and enduring creativity.

From LA Glitz to Larnaca’s Tranquility

The transformation from the high-octane glamour of Los Angeles to the serene semi-rural life in Larnaca could be a script from a movie, but for Hi Tek Alexander, it’s the narrative of his extraordinary life. Once a magnet for the glitterati, Alexander now resides in an environment where art and engineering converge into a seamless extension of his persona. His story unfolds like a rich tapestry, embedded with experiences that defy the ordinary.

At 72, Hi Tek Alexander, born Alexandros Tasou, is a treasure trove of anecdotes that seem almost too fantastical to believe. He reminisces about his life’s tapestry embellished with wealth and grandeur, a time when he was surrounded by luxury’s most ostentatious displays and the company of the world’s most beautiful women. Yachts, Bentleys, and high-profile parties were fixtures in his life. His LA home was the epitome of excess, a place where beauty queens and celebrities mingled until dawn.

A Designer’s Dream and Down-to-Earth Realities

Yet, despite the grandeur of his past, Alexander’s present is marked by a humble existence in a village-style house in Larnaca. Here, he navigates storerooms brimming with his designs, now silent witnesses to his former glory. His life’s pendulum has swung from the company of Miss Universe contestants to the innocent laughter of his young children, yet he remains a man dressed to impress, his every outfit a statement of his enduring sense of style.

Even as he reflects on a life less ordinary, Alexander continues to exude the charisma of someone who has truly lived. Among his various adventures, he shared moments with Michael Jackson, telling tales of working behind the scenes on many of the pop icon’s videos. In such conversations, he distinguishes myth from man, portraying Jackson not as the eccentric the media often depicted, but as an intelligent, normal person with a penchant for learning from all sources, including his pet chimpanzee Bubbles.

Hi Tek Designs: A Legacy of Steampunk and Innovation

Alexander’s brand, Hi Tek Designs, became synonymous with a futuristic, industrial aesthetic that was ahead of its time. His creations were not merely accessories; they were avant-garde statements that blurred the lines between art and practicality. His innovative designs, from the ‘telephone handbags’ featured at the London Clothes Show to the repurposed Cyta phones sold in Japan, are testaments to his creative genius.

Despite his international success and iconic status among certain circles, Alexander has had a complicated relationship with his homeland. His dream of opening a fashion school in Cyprus was thwarted by bureaucracy, and he often felt his work was misunderstood or underappreciated. Yet, his connection to the island remains undeniable, born at the cusp of the Karpas peninsula during an eclipse—an event as singular as his life’s trajectory.

Life Beyond The Limelight

Now, Alexander’s focus has shifted from the relentless pursuit of creative and commercial success to the legacy he leaves behind. His desire to impart his knowledge to his children stems from a deep-seated devotion to his craft and a recognition of the fleeting nature of life. Alexander’s role as a father at an advanced age is a new chapter in his remarkable story, adding yet another layer to an already complex character.

Hi Tek Alexander’s life is a rich canvas, painted with encounters with the rich and famous, creative triumphs, and an unyielding zest for life. His narrative may have changed from opulent soirées to quiet evenings in Larnaca, but the essence of who he is persists. He stands as a testament to the power of reinvention and the enduring allure of creativity.

What is Hi Tek Alexander’s brand known for?

Hi Tek Designs, the brand founded by Hi Tek Alexander, is known for its avant-garde creations that reflect a futuristic, industrial aesthetic. From ‘telephone handbags’ to repurposed Cyta phones, the designs blur the lines between art and practicality, showcasing Alexander’s innovative genius.

What challenges has Hi Tek Alexander faced in his career?

Despite his international success and iconic status, Hi Tek Alexander has faced challenges in his career. His dream of opening a fashion school in Cyprus was hindered by bureaucracy, and he often felt his work was misunderstood or underappreciated. Despite these obstacles, Alexander’s enduring creativity and passion for his craft have remained unwavering.

How has Hi Tek Alexander’s life transformed over the years?

Hi Tek Alexander’s life has undergone a significant transformation, from basking in the glitz of Los Angeles to leading a serene life in Larnaca. Once surrounded by extravagance and luxury, he now resides in a village-style house, navigating storerooms filled with his designs. His journey embodies reinvention, creativity, and a shift from past excess to present humility.

What is the significance of Hi Tek Alexander’s connection to Cyprus?

Hi Tek Alexander’s connection to Cyprus is deeply rooted, as he was born on the cusp of the Karpas peninsula during an eclipse—a unique event that mirrors his extraordinary life trajectory. Despite facing challenges in his homeland, Alexander’s bond with Cyprus remains strong, influencing his desire to leave a legacy and impart his knowledge to future generations.

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