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Who’s that girl?

Evangelina Fysa’s fusion of fashion and technology has left an indelible mark on the industry. From founding a digital communications agency in Nicosia to championing sustainable fashion at Tallulah, her innovative spirit and strategic use of AI have positioned her as a leader in creating immersive experiences at the intersection of tech and creativity.

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Eight with a Cause: Charity Fashion Show on the Horizon

The Cyprus League for People with Rheumatism’s charity fashion show is a blend of fashion and philanthropy, set to take place on June 13 at the University of Nicosia Open Amphitheatre, featuring Cypriot designers and supporting those with rheumatic conditions. Attendees can contribute to this noble cause with a €15 donation, ensuring that the League’s initiatives in education, treatment, and rehabilitation for those in need can continue to make a difference.

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Lefkara Event Celebrates Hi Tek Fashion

The Lefkara event honoring Hi Tek Alexander’s fusion of industrial design and fashion on May 1st showcases timeless, genderinclusive designs and sustainable upcycling at the MOLA Culture Factory. The retrospective of Alexander’s work will feature contributions from designer Magdalena Sokolowska, making it a vibrant celebration of art, music, and cinema icons influenced by his innovative creations.

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Grand Reopening of Nammos Limassol and The Retail Village

The grand reopening of Nammos Limassol and The Retail Village at Parklane Resort & Spa is set for April 25th, kicking off the luxury summer season with exquisite dining and exclusive shopping with luxury brands in Cyprus. Nammos Limassol is known for its Best Hotel & Resort Restaurant – Outdoor accolade, while The Retail Village offers a highend shopping experience against the stunning backdrop of Limassol Bay.

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Süvari: The Ideal Destination for Men’s Christmas Gifts

Looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for the men in your life? Süvari, an international clothing brand with 144 stores in nine countries, offers highquality men’s clothing at great prices. From formal attire to casual wear, their selection includes shirts, jackets, ties, and shoes. Expert staff are on hand to help you find the perfect style and size. With stores open from 9 am to 7 pm, you have plenty of time to find the ideal gifts.

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New Shopping Opportunities in Kyrenia with Terranova and Calliope

Terranova and Calliope have recently opened new stores in Kyrenia, expanding the shopping options in the area. Located next to international coffee chain Caffe Pascucci, these stores offer the perfect blend of shopping and leisure for both locals and visitors. With a variety of fashion and dining options, this part of town is quickly becoming a favorite destination for those looking to indulge.

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Discovering the Latest Designer Megastore in Kyrenia

Discover the latest designer megastore in Kyrenia! With an extensive collection of designer overcoats and jackets, professional shop assistants proficient in 23 languages, and catwalk shows featuring famous brand names, this store offers a luxurious shopping experience. Plus, don’t miss out on the outdoor cafeteria for refreshments. Plan your visit today!

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North Cyprus Welcomes Online Shopping: Fashionista

Fashionista in North Cyprus is the goto online store for trendy and affordable clothing imported from international brands. Founded by Sally Sghair in 2015, the store is set to open a physical location in central Kyrenia within the next two months. They offer stylish party dresses, casual wear, shoes, bags, and swimwear to a diverse clientele and emphasize the importance of providing highquality clothing at reasonable prices.

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H&M Store Grand Opening in Nicosia, Cyprus

🎉 H&M’s first store in Nicosia, Cyprus officially opened on September 24th, bringing stylish and affordable clothing to the local fashion scene. VIPs and influencers attended an exclusive preshop event, filled with live performances and a red carpet. With the grand opening now over, the store is ready to welcome all fashion lovers to explore its offerings and stay uptodate with the latest international trends. 🛍️💃

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