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youth unemployment professional rehabilitation

Navigating the Challenge of Youth Unemployment

The Education Minister, Athena Michaelidou, addressed the pressing issue of youth unemployment at a notable employment conference, stressing the importance of strategies such as integrating careerfocused lectures in school curricula, emphasizing skill acquisition and professional rehabilitation, providing vocational training, adapting education to changing economic and technological landscapes, and offering vocational guidance throughout the educational and career establishment process. The minister highlighted the significance of these initiatives in fostering social stability, bridging the gap between education and the labor market, and preparing the youth to thrive in the evolving job market, ultimately contributing to the nation’s economic progress.

1 digital price comparison

Digital Price Comparison Platform Nears Final Vote

The ebasket digital price comparison platform, which aims to empower consumers with realtime price comparisons for 350 consumer items across supermarkets, is nearing its final vote after intense debates and pivotal amendments. With features like barcode search, safeguards for pricing discrepancies, and plans for a future mobile app, this platform promises to revolutionize the shopping experience and provide transparency for consumers.

innovation startups

Cyprus Showcases Innovation Prowess at SLUSH 2023

Cyprus made its mark at SLUSH 2023 by showcasing seven innovative startups at the Cypriot pavilion, signaling the country’s potential in research, technology, and investment. The event also served as a platform for networking, collaboration, and diplomatic talks to foster international relationships and partnerships.

humanitarian aid real estate transactions

Humanitarian Aid Fueled by Real Estate Transactions

A new levy, set at 0.4 percent of real estate transactions, has raised around €43 million to support refugees in financial distress. There are discussions about potential exemptions for sales involving nonperforming loans, and taxpayers who qualify may be eligible for refunds.

tags: fishing industry modernization

Call to Modernize the Island’s Fishing Industry

Cyprus’s fishing industry is facing challenges with Ports Authority cooperation, economic distress caused by bureaucratic hurdles, and mismanagement of funds. Urgent reforms are needed to modernize the industry and ensure fishermen have unrestricted access to their vessels. The completion of the Larnaca port dredging is seen as crucial for boosting efficiency and prosperity in the future.

1 akamas development plan deviations

Akamas Development Plan Deviations Under Scrutiny

The recent deviations from the sustainable management plan in Akamas park have raised concerns among environmentalists and officials. Investigations have revealed discrepancies in ecological evaluations and approved actions, leading to unphased groundwork and potential environmental risks. Minister Xenophontos has responded by stating that the findings will aid in restoring the environment and completing the project in a deliberate, phased manner, emphasizing the government’s dedication to preserving the natural charm of Akamas while complying with conservation principles. These findings have prompted a call for a revaluation of the project’s adherence to environmental protocols, highlighting the delicate balance between conservation and development.

hostage rescue surveillance flights

UK Defence Surveillance Missions in Eastern Mediterranean

The UK defence ministry has initiated surveillance flights over the Eastern Mediterranean to collect intelligence on the whereabouts of hostages. These noncombat aircraft operate from the UK’s sovereign base area in Akrotiri, although official details regarding these missions remain undisclosed. The primary goal is to assist in hostage rescue operations.

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