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Sibling Rivalry Escalates to Violence in Paphos

Sibling Rivalry Turns Violent in Paphos: Two brothers, aged 46 and 35, were hospitalized after a dispute involving a knife and a blunt object erupted into violence in Paphos. The altercation, which also included a friend, has sparked a police investigation to uncover the cause of this rare family feud.

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WizzAir, Ryanair back online after outage

Wizz Air and Ryanair have successfully restored their online services after experiencing a widespread outage, offering refunds and apologies to affected passengers. The airlines have prioritized customer service and transparent communication in their efforts to mitigate the impact of the disruption and prevent future occurrences.

unity cyprus

EU’s Solidarity with Cyprus: A Quest for Reunification

In a historic show of solidarity, EU’s Commission President Ursula von der Leyen firmly supports Cyprus’s reunification, backing the nation’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. With a commitment to peace and prosperity, the EU’s stance extends beyond politics, embodying the values of unity and shared hope for a peaceful and inclusive future in Cyprus.

history politics

Erdogan’s Visit Marks Historical Anniversary in Cyprus

President Erdogan’s visit to northern Cyprus for the anniversary of the 1974 events emphasizes the enduring division between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkishcontrolled north, highlighting historical tensions and the close relationship between northern Cyprus and Turkey. The day’s ceremonies, including a military parade and maritime display of strength, serve as a poignant reminder of the island’s complex past and the ongoing political challenges it faces.

history resilience

Recollections of Resilience: A Turkish Cypriot’s 93-Day Captivity

Mustafa Ahmet Binatli, an 81yearold Turkish Cypriot, shares his tale of being captured by Greek Cypriot forces and enduring a 93day imprisonment during the Cyprus conflict in 1974. Despite facing harsh conditions, including a tragic loss, he was eventually liberated through a UNfacilitated prisoner exchange, highlighting the resilience of the Turkish Cypriot community amidst political turmoil.

history anniversary

Half a Century On: Cyprus Commemorates a Divisive Anniversary

Cyprus commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion with contrasting emotions. While Greek Cypriots mark the day with solemn ceremonies and church memorials, Turkish Cypriots and President Erdogan celebrate with military parades, viewing it as a day of deliverance and triumph amidst the island’s divided history.

tragedy loss

The Tragedy of Paraskevoula Charalambous: A Tale of Loss and Memory

Paraskevoula Charalambous, a victim of the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus, was executed by soldiers and her remains were not found until 2016, bringing closure to her family after over 30 years of uncertainty. Her tragic end serves as a poignant reminder of the lasting effects of conflict and the significance of honoring those who have been lost.

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