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sustainable agriculture waste management

Improved Collection Regulations for Agricultural Plastic Waste

The new regulations on agricultural plastic waste management promote sustainable practices by requiring producers to manage the lifecycle of their products and establishing collection points for farmers. This move aims to reduce pollution, encourage recycling, and revolutionize waste disposal in agriculture for a cleaner, greener future.

education student housing

Expansion of Student Housing on the Horizon

In an effort to combat the housing crisis for students, Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak) is set to construct 703 new student residences, split between Limassol and Paphos, with a substantial loan from the European Investment Bank and state funding to enhance educational infrastructure and accommodate more students. This initiative not only addresses the pressing need for accommodation but also aims to stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and foster a diverse and enriched learning environment for students at Tepak.

diplomacy un

Athens Blunders Over Cyprus Solution Plan

The Greek government’s miscommunication over Cyprus negotiations caused confusion, as spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis mistakenly implied Greece was expecting a detailed solution plan when they were actually awaiting input from the UN envoy. This blunder underscores the need for precise communication in delicate diplomatic matters and the importance of accurate representation in international relations.

csr corporate social responsibility

CSR Honours for BoC at Boussias Cyprus Responsible Awards 2023

The Bank of Cyprus was honored at the Boussias Cyprus Responsible Awards 2023 with a Platinum Award for its longterm investment in healthcare at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre and a Gold Award for its community support initiative, SupportCY. These accolades showcase the bank’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its commitment to making a positive impact on society.

corporate responsibility oncology care

Bank of Cyprus Recognized for Outstanding Corporate Responsibility

The Bank of Cyprus has been celebrated for its exceptional corporate social responsibility efforts at the Boussias Cyprus Responsible Awards 2023. They received awards for their pioneering Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre and the innovative SupportCY network that provided vital aid during the pandemic, showcasing their unwavering commitment to community welfare and support during challenging times.

electricity grids financial analysis

Unpacking the Controversy of the Great Sea Interconnector Project

The Great Sea Interconnector project between Crete, Cyprus, and Israel faces criticism due to questionable financial forecasts, unequal cost distribution, and geopolitical risks. Concerns include rising consumer electricity bills, lack of transparency, and potential safety issues amidst regional tensions impacting the project’s timeline.

international law extradition

Russia Seeks Extradition of National from Cyprus

A Russian national detained in Cyprus faces extradition on terrorism charges, accused of defying Russian law by joining military forces. The legal battle involves intricate procedures with the Cypriot court and UN, shedding light on the complexities of international extradition and collaborative efforts in pursuing suspects across borders.

politics cyprus

The Ongoing Struggle for a Unified Cyprus

President Katerina Sakellaropoulou underscores the importance of a unified Cyprus for the peace of Hellenism, emphasizing the need for resolution in line with UN and EU laws to heal the division caused by the 1974 Turkish invasion. Her reflections on the past, intertwined with hopes for a democratic future, shed light on the ongoing struggle for unity in Cyprus and the broader quest for justice and human rights in Greek society.

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