1 school bus safety

All School Buses Back to Normal at the Beginning of the Week

All school buses in Cyprus are set to resume normal operations at the beginning of the week after the installation of automatic fireextinguishing systems. This follows recent concerns raised after a school bus caught fire in Aglandjia, Nicosia, prompting a national conversation about the safety of student transportation.

cyprus buffer zone turkish forces

Presidential Dialogue on Cyprus Buffer Zone and Gaza Aid Initiative

The Presidential Dialogue between Cyprus and the UN focused on addressing Turkish violations in the Cyprus buffer zone and establishing a maritime corridor for humanitarian aid to Gaza. President Christodoulides emphasized the importance of stopping Turkish encroachments and restarting negotiations for a lasting resolution, while also highlighting Cyprus’s initiative to support Gaza with uninterrupted humanitarian assistance.

1 diplomatic tensions

Diplomatic Tensions and Prospects for Cooperation in the Aegean

Recent diplomatic activities between Greece and Turkey have shown a cautious optimism for cooperation and resolution in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. Discussions have focused on regional tensions, territorial claims, energy exploration, and humanitarian aid, with upcoming dialogues involving the UN on the Cyprus problem and a potential partnership for the coexploitation of energy resources.

1 akamas development controversy

Akamas Development Controversy Escalates

The controversy surrounding development projects in the Akamas region has escalated as environmental advocates criticize the agriculture ministry for mismanaging construction, resulting in noncompliant buildings. Newly constructed roads may violate the approved development plan, leading to a pause in construction activities and a thorough review by appointed experts to ensure future developments align with ecological standards.

judicial delay court proceedings

The Prolonged Inquest of Thanasis Nicolaou

The Thanasis Nicolaou inquest has experienced delays due to judicial decisions and a rejection of the attorneygeneral’s request to introduce a new witness, with the judge emphasizing the need for timely justice after 18 years and the importance of avoiding indefinite delays. The upcoming court sessions are eagerly awaited by the community, as the resolution of this longstanding case will have a profound impact on the collective conscience and the public’s trust in the judicial system.

art exhibitions

Embracing Art in Cyprus: A Month of Exhibitions and Cultural Exploration

In December, two notable art exhibitions are taking place in Cyprus. Ludmila Budanov’s “Save It” at Morfi Gallery in Limassol showcases her vibrant artwork until December 12, while Katarzyna Ɓyszkowska’s “Aphrodite” exhibition at the American University of Cyprus in Larnaca runs from December 15 to January 15, offering a photographic tribute to femininity and Greek mythology.

christmas donation drive

Donation Drive in Larnaca for Christmas Holidays

The Larnaca food bank is organizing a donation drive to provide assistance to 55 families during the Christmas holidays. They will distribute packages of meat, vegetables, and festive treats on December 22 and 29, ensuring that the joy of the season reaches everyone in need.

1 philanthropy

Uniting for Care: ISOP Supports PASYKAF with Generous Donation

The International School of Paphos (ISOP) donated 14,500 euros to the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), including a NISSAN car worth 11,000 euros for their Home Care Palliative Service and an additional 3,500 euros for hospital equipment. This generous gesture of solidarity and compassion showcases the ISOP community’s commitment to social responsibility and their unwavering support for vulnerable groups within society.

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