crime armed robbery

Thousands Stolen in Limassol Armed Robbery

In Limassol, a party turned into a nightmare as four masked assailants armed with pistols and shortbarreled weapons robbed partygoers, shooting and injuring two individuals. Valuables worth €20,000 were stolen, prompting a police investigation and a plea for public assistance to identify the perpetrators.

art music

Spring Into Cultural Delights: Nicosia’s Weekend Scene

Nicosia’s cultural scene this weekend offers a vibrant array of events, from art exhibitions like “Arizona,CY” at Art Seen Gallery to a candlelit Baroque music performance at the Cyprus Wine Museum. Dive into the classical elegance of a piano recital at Markideio Theatre or explore thriving markets like the Grand Bazaar for ethical fashion and the Nicosia Spring Antique Fair & Vintage Market for unique treasures.

diplomatic relations international cooperation

Strengthening Ties: Cyprus and the Netherlands Celebrate Milestone Year

The visit of President Nikos Christodoulides to the Netherlands highlighted the strong bilateral ties between Cyprus and the Netherlands, coinciding with Cyprus’ 20th anniversary of EU accession. The meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasized mutual support on defense, migration, and a united stance on EU and international matters, showcasing the enduring nature of diplomatic bonds.

compliance regulatory oversight

Regulatory Oversight in Cyprus: A New Era Begins

Cyprus is ramping up its regulatory oversight with a new authority targeting professional service providers, championed by Finance Minister Makis Keravnos to combat money laundering and bolster transparency. Despite opposition from local professional associations, the government is pushing for stricter oversight to enhance compliance and restore the nation’s international reputation.

human trafficking legal implications

Harsh Consequences for Human Trafficking

The consequences of human trafficking are severe, as seen in the recent case in Cyprus where a 34yearold man was sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling 34 vulnerable individuals into the country. This legal action reflects the commitment of governments and international organizations to combat this global issue and protect the exploited from further harm.

environmental concerns construction works

Akamas Roadwork Developments Awaited Imminently

The Akamas peninsula construction project is on hold due to environmental concerns, pending a report that will be presented to the cabinet by midMarch. The government’s handling of the situation has drawn criticism from both President Christodoulides and environmental advocates, with international bodies also weighing in on the importance of preserving the region’s biodiversity.

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