pension reform fiscal responsibility

Plans Afoot to Abolish Multiple Pensions

The government is planning to abolish multiple pensions for government officials, opting for a single lumpsum payment based on years of service. This reform aims to increase fairness, fiscal responsibility, and legal compliance, with the eligibility age set to rise from 60 to 65.

cyprus un

Tatar Reiterates Need for Sovereign Equality in Guterres Meeting

In a meeting with UN SecretaryGeneral António Guterres, Ersin Tatar emphasized the need for sovereign equality and a twostate solution as prerequisites for resuming negotiations for the Cyprus issue, diverging from the traditional UN approach of a bicommunal, bizonal federation. Tatar’s bold stance reflects a significant shift in the ongoing Cyprus problem and sets the stage for potentially transformative developments in the region’s political landscape.

migrant workers exploitation

A Tragic End for a Migrant Worker in Limassol

The death of a young Bangladeshi migrant worker in Limassol during a police raid on a hazardous living situation has brought attention to the issue of illegal employment and migrant exploitation in Cyprus. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by vulnerable migrant workers and has prompted calls for policy reform and better oversight of employment practices to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

violence police response

Paphos Man Sought for Intentionally Driving into Another

In Emba, Paphos, a 59yearold man violently assaulted a 25yearold man near Ayios Charalambos church by striking him, throwing stones, and intentionally driving into his vehicle after a dispute. The victim sustained injuries, prompting a police search and community call for information to assist in the case.

road safety drug testing

Enhanced Road Safety Measures Through Blood Testing for Impaired Drivers

The new legislation on drug testing for drivers proposes mandatory blood testing for impaired drivers when saliva samples are unavailable, with plans to enhance road safety through accurate testing methods and extended sample storage. Public consultation is open until May 9 to refine the bill, highlighting the government’s commitment to involving the community in creating safer driving conditions.

humanitarian efforts aid delivery

Amalthea Initiative Continues Amidst Condemnation of Attack on Aid Workers

The Amalthea initiative, with support from the US, UAE, and European Commission, continues to provide aid to Gaza through established corridors despite recent attacks on aid workers. President Nikos Christodoulides of Cyprus reaffirmed commitment to the initiative, symbolized by the construction of a temporary jetty set to revolutionize aid delivery by midApril, showcasing global solidarity and resilience in crisis response.

car theft anti-theft systems

Car Theft: Essential Measures for Protection

Theft protection for cars is crucial. Here are some essential tips: Never leave your car running unattended, secure it with locked doors and rolledup windows, keep keys out of sight, park in welllit areas with surveillance, install antitheft alarm systems, and report suspicious activities to local authorities. Stay safe and protect your vehicle from theft.

theatre safety concerns

Theatro Skala Shuts Down Due to Safety Concerns

Theatro Skala in Larnaca has closed indefinitely due to safety concerns, leaving productions displaced but alternative venues like the Oroklini theatre are stepping in to host. Renovation plans are in progress, but the reopening date remains uncertain, causing a ripple effect through the local arts community.

transparency corruption

Investigating Allegations of Corruption: The Task of Cyprus’ Anti-Corruption Authority

The Cyprus AntiCorruption Authority, led by Charis Poyiadjis, is actively investigating corruption allegations, including those against former President Nicos Anastasiades, with collaboration from international experts. Implementing lobby registration systems and conflict of interest declarations, they are taking concrete steps to ensure transparency and integrity in public decisionmaking processes.

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