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Strengthening Food Safety in Cyprus

The National Food Safety Authority in Cyprus aims to enhance food safety controls, adopting a “single health” approach to manage food safety risks and uphold international standards, ensuring public health and transparency. Led by Health Minister Michael Damianos, the authority will integrate human, animal, and environmental health to safeguard the public, setting a new standard for quality assurance in food production and distribution.

sports olympics

Cypriot Sprinter Trajkovic’s Olympic Dream

Sprinter Milan Trajkovic aims to reach the finals in the 110 metres hurdles at the Paris 2024 Olympics, representing Cyprus with dedication and hope. His journey from Serbia to Cyprus has been one of sacrifice and unwavering commitment, shaping him into a champion ready to overcome any obstacle on the track.

cyprus conflict two-state solution

Historic Resolution in Turkish Parliament Advocates for Two-State Approach in Cyprus

The recent resolution adopted by the Turkish parliament regarding the Cyprus conflict advocates for a twostate approach, emphasizing the sovereign equality of the Turkish Cypriot people and supporting international recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an independent state. This historic legislative move marks a departure from previous efforts for a bicommunal federation, signaling a clear stance on permanent division over unity under a federal structure in Cyprus.

culinary traditions wine promotion

Koumis turns attention to food and drink

Deputy Minister Kostas Koumis is focused on elevating Cyprus’s culinary and wine heritage by collaborating with industry leaders, enhancing training programs, and implementing robust promotional strategies such as expanding the ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ initiative and enriching the ‘Wine Routes’ to attract more visitors and boost global recognition. With meetings involving key associations like the Cyprus Chefs and Winegrowers, Koumis aims to showcase Cypriot cuisine and wines on an international stage, emphasizing the crucial significance of these sectors as a priority pillar of the deputy ministry.

maternal healthcare cesarean section

The Controversy Over Cesarean Section Penalties

The Cyprus Gynaecological and Obstetrics Society opposes penalties for Csections to protect the safety of mothers and children, advocating for education instead of punitive measures. The president, Dr. Afroditi ElisseouXenofontos, warns that incentivizing natural births over cesareans could jeopardize medical decisions and compromise patient care.

violence legal action

Tensions at Ayia Napa Hotel Lead to Assault

In Ayia Napa, a 20yearold man assaulted a 45yearold woman at a hotel pool, resulting in the woman suffering a fractured nasal bone. The assailant was promptly arrested and faces legal consequences, highlighting the community’s commitment to safety and the law.

politics cyprus

Kasselakis Promises Moves in Brussels on Cyprus Problem

Stefanos Kasselakis promises to address the Cyprus problem by pushing for a bizonal, bicommunal federation based on UN resolutions, linking it to EUTurkey relations. He advocates for a fair resolution reflecting the will of the Cypriot people, aiming for lasting peace and cooperation in the region.

crime arrest

Suspect Apprehended in Months-Old Knife Attack

In Ayia Napa, a 42yearold man who had been on the run for eight months following a knife attack on a 56yearold host has been arrested by the police. The suspect, who fled after the attack in November 2023, has finally been apprehended and brought before the District Court of Famagusta, showcasing the diligent efforts of law enforcement in ensuring justice and community safety.

property market rental market

Stability in prices, notable rise in apartment rents

The Cypriot property rental market is seeing a notable rise in apartment rents, increasing by 5.0 percent annually, while sales prices remain stable. This trend reflects a shift in consumer preference towards renting over buying, driven by factors like high construction costs and mortgage rates.

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