diplomatic efforts european involvement

Navigating the Path to Reconciliation in Cyprus

Efforts to reconcile Cyprus are ongoing, with optimism from Greek Cypriot leader, Nikos Christodoulides, about restarting dialogue. UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin’s upcoming visit and discussions in European capitals are seen as pivotal, despite Turkey’s opposition to linking the issue with EU relations.

housing market government intervention

Cypriots Being Squeezed Out of the Property Market

Cypriots are facing a housing crisis as escalating rents, rising construction costs, and increased mortgage rates make property ownership unattainable for many. The influx of higherpaid foreign workers has further driven up rental prices in cities, squeezing out locals with more modest incomes.

tourism technology

Unveiling Cyprus Through Myth and Technology

The Heartland of Legends (HoL) app in Cyprus is an augmented reality travel guide that brings myths to life, guiding users through 20 villages with interactive stories and “digital dragons” by artist Hambis Tsangaris. It offers an immersive experience into the island’s cultural heritage and traditions, showcasing a blend of art and technology in a unique and captivating way.

economy geopolitics

Cyprus Economic Index Falls Amid Global Uncertainty

Cyprus faces an economic downturn, with the Cyprus Composite Leading Economic Index falling by 0.9% in March 2024 due to global conflicts, declining property sales, and volatile commodity prices. The island nation’s economic stability is being tested by external pressures and internal challenges, emphasizing the need for strategic planning and vigilance in the face of uncertainty.

historic innovation

Old Municipal Market of Nicosia Finally Re-opens

The Old Municipal Market of Nicosia reopens as a bustling hub for innovation and business, blending culture and technology while preserving its rich heritage. The transformation signifies Nicosia’s growth and promises a dynamic future for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.

property disputes constructive trust

Resolving Cohabitation Disputes in Cyprus

Cohabitation property disputes in Cyprus are resolved through the establishment of a constructive trust, acknowledged by the court. Legal experts, like George Coucounis in Larnaca, play a crucial role in navigating these complex disputes and ensuring fair outcomes for all parties involved.

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