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healthy aging national strategy

Geri Olympics Kick Off With Promises for National Strategy

The Geri Olympics, a sporting extravaganza for seniors, kicked off with zest and vigor, showcasing vitality and camaraderie among participants from around the globe. Aligned with national strategies for healthy aging, the event promotes active living and inclusivity, embodying the joy and spirit of life for all.

entrepreneurship innovation

€100,000 Up For Grabs in Sir Stelios’ Youth Entrepreneurship Awards

The Stelios Awards for Young Entrepreneurs in Cyprus, founded by Sir Stelios HadjiIoannou, offer €100,000 to innovative Cypriot youth under 35 who have started a company within the past 5 years. This competition not only celebrates entrepreneurship but also acts as a catalyst for economic development in the region, showcasing bright business ideas and providing substantial financial assistance to make them a reality.

petroleum products cyprus

Petroleum Product Sales in Cyprus Ascend by 9 Percent

Recent statistics reveal a 9% increase in petroleum product sales in Cyprus, reaching a total of 115,028 tonnes, driven by the marine and aviation sectors with notable growth in marine gasoil (27.5%) and aviation kerosene (6.4%). The surge in demand for various petroleum products reflects a positive trend in the market, despite some products experiencing a decrease in sales. The rise not only signifies economic activity in Cyprus but also hints at potential future investments in sustainable energy sources.

mountain biking athlete

The Cypriot versus the Mountain of Hell

George Kouzis, a daring Cypriot cyclist, defies the ordinary to pursue his passion for mountain biking. Despite facing challenges in Cyprus, he aims to conquer the treacherous Mountain of Hell race in Les Deux Alpes, propelled by community support and a burning Olympic dream.

road safety traffic violations

Comprehensive Measures to Improve Road Safety in Cyprus

Cyprus has launched a comprehensive crackdown on traffic violations, targeting speeding, unlicensed vehicles, seatbelt noncompliance, distracted driving such as mobile phone use, and traffic signal violations to increase road safety and reduce serious accidents. The initiative involved multiple units across the island enforcing road regulations over a single weekend, resulting in 1,231 complaints filed for various offenses, with a focus on fostering road awareness and preventing tragic incidents.

thyroid cancer women's health

Thyroid Cancer: A Significant Threat to Women’s Health

Thyroid cancer poses a significant threat to women’s health, particularly in Cyprus where it ranks as the second most common cancer among women. Early detection through selfexams and medical checkups is crucial, as symptoms can include a neck lump, hoarseness, and low energy levels. Taking proactive steps to mitigate risks, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and monitoring for symptoms, can help in preventing and treating this disease effectively.

livability european cities

Paphos: The Jewel of Livability

Paphos, Cyprus, has been crowned the most liveable small city in the world, boasting a high livability score of 5.495 out of 7. Known for its leisure options, job stability, health, safety, and affordability, Paphos offers a relaxed pace of life, cultural richness, and Mediterranean charm, making it an ideal place for both locals and expatriates seeking quality of life.

finance european central bank

Cypriot Banks Make Major TLTRO Loan Repayments

This significant move by Cypriot banks to repay €1.8 billion in TLTRO loans indicates financial stability and confidence amidst changing economic tides, reflecting a strategic response to the ECB’s policy shifts. The repayments by major institutions like the Bank of Cyprus and Astrobank signal a positive outlook for the Cypriot banking sector’s future.

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