Author name: Demis Papadopoulos

migrant workers exploitation

Court to Probe Alleged Exploitation of Migrant Workers

The Nicosia Criminal Court is investigating seven migrant workers’ exploitation on a livestock farm, with charges including poor living conditions, overwork, unpaid overtime, and document withholding. This case sheds light on global labor exploitation issues, emphasizing the necessity of enforcing worker protection laws for vulnerable populations.

chinese cuisine larnaca

An Authentic Taste of China at Feng’s House in Larnaca

Diners at Feng’s House in Larnaca can savor authentic Chinese cuisine such as Sesame Prawn Toast and Pork with Cashew Nuts in a welcoming atmosphere along the Finikoudes promenade. With efficient service and reasonable prices, this restaurant offers a prime seafront dining experience worth revisiting.

investigation cover-up

Investigator Alleges Lies, Cover-Up in Nicolaou’s Case

In the Nicolaou case, investigator Savvas Matsas accuses the original autopsy report of containing lies and concealing crucial details, hinting at a potential coverup. Nicolaou’s death, initially ruled a suicide, now raises suspicions of murder due to conflicting reports and unexplained injuries, shedding light on possible military drug connections and the quest for truth by his family.

migration asylum applications

Asylum Applications in EU at Highest Level since 2015/16 Crisis

As of 2023, asylum applications in the EU have surged to levels similar to the 2015/16 crisis, totaling 1.14 million with an 18% increase, including a notable rise in applications from Syrians, Afghans, and Turkish nationals. Germany remains a top destination, while Cyprus has the highest per capita rate of applications, sparking discussions about migration policies ahead of crucial political events.

theater music

A Cultural Bloom at Limassol’s Rialto Theatre

Limassol’s Rialto Theatre is blooming with a diverse cultural lineup in March, from Greek plays like “Cleansed” to comedic performances and innovative youth events like MusEDX 2024. With film screenings, live opera broadcasts, interactive soundwalks, and music nights featuring the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, the theatre promises a rich tapestry of entertainment in the heart of Limassol this spring.

labor rights understaffing

Protest Over Unfair Dismissals Shakes Cyprus’ Prisons

The protest at Cyprus’ central prison complex is driven by prison guard unions in response to the unfair dismissal of thirteen guards due to understaffing. This demonstration aims to shed light on the critical issue of staffing shortages that compromise security within the country’s penal establishments.

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