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Former UK Minister Advocates for Direct Flights to Northern Cyprus

Former UK Minister Sir Iain Duncan Smith is pushing for direct flights between the UK and Northern Cyprus, aiming to ease travel for Turkish Cypriot British citizens with family in the north and to aid reunification efforts on the island. His advocacy underscores the humanitarian impact and improved connectivity that such flights could bring, emphasizing the urgent need for action to bridge the divide between communities separated by political and geographical boundaries.

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Pension Policy Reform for Early Retirees

The new pension policy reform increases payments for early retirees with 40 years of contributions, benefiting over 11,000 pensioners with an average annual increase of €800, without raising current workforce contributions. The government’s initiative aims to mitigate financial challenges faced by retirees who chose to retire early, supporting individuals from physically demanding industries like construction and transport.

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Amalthea Initiative Persists Despite US Pier Closure

The Amalthea initiative perseveres in delivering aid to Gaza despite the closure of a USbased humanitarian pier. Government spokesperson Konstantinos Letymbiotis confirms that alternative methods have been planned to ensure continuous aid delivery, showcasing the initiative’s unwavering commitment to assisting Gaza’s civilians.

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The Island Private School Achieves Full IB Accreditation: A Milestone in Cypriot Education

The Island Private School in Limassol, Cyprus, has achieved full International Baccalaureate accreditation, becoming the exclusive provider of the complete IB curriculum on the island. This milestone signifies a commitment to shaping globally competent, socially responsible, and academically proficient individuals from early childhood to preuniversity levels, setting a new standard in Cypriot education.

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Cyprus Emerges as a Prime Investment Funds Haven

Cyprus is becoming a soughtafter hotspot for investment funds, with Assets Under Management hitting €9.1 billion and 328 Management Companies showcasing the country’s stable growth. Key sectors like energy and fintech are driving this surge, cementing Cyprus’s position as a mature and sustainable investment playground.

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Cyprus Construction Sector Achieves Remarkable Growth in 2022

The Cyprus construction sector experienced remarkable growth in 2022, with an 8.9% increase in added value reaching €1.44 billion and a total production value surge of 10.3% to €5.56 billion. Residential construction led the charge with a 21.3% rise, while employment in the sector also saw a 3.0% increase, pointing towards a flourishing industry poised for continued growth.

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Greek PM’s Upcoming Meeting on Cyprus’ Future

Greek PM Mitsotakis’ meeting with UN SecretaryGeneral Guterres will focus on reigniting negotiations for a sustainable resolution to the Cyprus problem, aligning with UN resolutions. The urgency of the talks is emphasized, with hopes for a potential turning point in Cyprus’ future after five decades of division.

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