June 2024

human rights reconciliation

Time for Truth Commission on Missing is now

The proposal to establish a Truth Commission in Cyprus aims to uncover the truth behind individuals missing from conflicts since 1960s, fostering reconciliation through immunity for information disclosure. With global support, including the presence of UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin, this pivotal decision could reshape the nation’s approach to addressing longstanding human rights violations.

labour shortage demographic shifts

Tackling the Intensifying Labour Shortage in the EU

The EU is facing a labour shortage crisis despite historically low unemployment rates, posing challenges for member states like Cyprus. To address this, strategies such as selectively attracting immigrants, activating the dormant labour force through training, embracing flexible working arrangements, and innovating workforce management with digital transformation are crucial.

music festival cyprus

Rialto Theatre Announces Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival

The Rialto Theatre in Limassol is hosting the Cyprus Rialto World Music Festival from July 10 to 19, showcasing a diverse range of local and Greek musicians for free at Heroes’ Square. Attendees can expect a vibrant musical experience under the starlit skies, celebrating talent and tradition in a cultural extravaganza.

violence family feud

Escalation of Violence: Limassol Gripped by Family Feud

The violent clash in Limassol between two Syrian families was sparked by a previous incident where a young person allegedly harassed a woman from the opposing family, leading to a largescale fight involving makeshift weapons, injuries, and property damage. Despite the intense confrontation, the community is now demanding peace, and the police are working to understand the root causes of the conflict and prevent any further disturbances in the future.

local government reform

Local Government Reforms Underway in Cyprus

Cyprus embarks on significant local government reforms to enhance efficiency and responsiveness. President Christodoulides pledges unwavering support for the transition to new leadership roles like district governors and deputy mayors, creating a more streamlined and autonomous local governance system.

heritage preservation

EOKA Fighters Demand Protection of Historic Site

The EOKA Fighters Association is determined to protect the historic EOKA headquarters from commercialization by transferring control to the Church of Cyprus and establishing a museum to preserve its significance for future generations. Their campaign highlights the importance of honoring General Georgios Grivas Digenis’s legacy and the struggle for independence that the site represents.

human rights cyprus

Cyprus Asserts Commitment to Human Rights at UN Candidacy Presentation

Cyprus asserts its strong dedication to human rights in its UN candidacy presentation, prioritizing equality, addressing human rights violations, and fostering global peace and stability. The nation actively seeks to enhance international collaboration, promote gender equality, criminalize femicide, and combat human trafficking domestically, setting a strong example for national policy mirroring international human rights standards.

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