May 2024

migration humanitarian aid

Humanitarian Efforts Intensify for Migrants in Cyprus Buffer Zone

Efforts to aid migrants in the Cyprus buffer zone involve collaboration between President Nikos Christodoulides, the UN peacekeeping force Unficyp, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). They provide essential support like food, water, shelter, and medical aid, with intensified patrols and humanitarian assistance in line with past practices.

police inauguration

Inauguration of the New Pissouri Police Station

The inauguration of the new Pissouri Police Station in Cyprus signifies a major upgrade in police infrastructure, offering modern facilities and enhanced services to residents and tourists across eight communities. The event, attended by the President of the Republic of Cyprus and other dignitaries, marks a commitment to rural security and an improved quality of life in the region.

sustainability community

Mayors Inaugurate Innovative ‘Library of Things’ in Nicosia

The ‘Library of Things’ in Nicosia, inaugurated by Mayors Constantinos Yiorkadjis and Andreas Papacharalambous, offers a unique borrowing experience beyond books. Designed to promote sustainable living and resource sharing, this innovative facility provides access to a variety of items, from DIY tools to kitchen gadgets, fostering a culture of collaborative consumption within the community.

police inauguration

Inauguration of Pissouri Police Station: A Beacon of Service and Security

The Pissouri Police Station was inaugurated on May 31, 2024, marking a significant step towards enhancing police services in Cyprus, aimed at providing better service and security to the local community and visitors. The modernized facility, repurposed from the old Community School, promises improved services to residents of eight communities and visitors in the area, symbolizing a new era for the police force in Pissouri.

wellness community

Larnaca welcomes Light Works Festival

The Light Works Festival in Larnaca, Cyprus, is a vibrant wellness event offering activities like yoga, drumming, and workshops on creativity and healing. The festival fosters community connection through artisanal markets and a diverse lineup of holistic experiences, promising a weekend of growth and harmony.

investigation tragedy

Ombudswoman’s Investigation on Bangladeshi Man’s Death ‘On Hold’

The ombudswoman’s investigation into Anisur Rahman’s tragic death in Cyprus is currently paused, awaiting access to case files related to the police raid that led to his fatal fall from a balcony. The fate of the other individuals involved remains uncertain, with legal and societal ramifications intertwining with the quest for justice in this unfolding tragedy.

crime justice

Justice Served in Paphos: Man Jailed for Series of Crimes

In Paphos, justice has been served as a 35yearold man is sentenced to seven years in prison for a series of crimes, including burglary, car theft, and possession of illegal weapons and explosives. The local authorities’ swift action and collaboration across police departments led to the arrest and successful closure of the case, bringing relief and a renewed sense of security to the community.

judicial integrity greco recommendations

Cyprus Advances in Judicial Integrity Following GRECO’s Recommendations

Cyprus has advanced judicial integrity by implementing GRECO’s recommendations, refining the judicial appointment process, reviewing the Supreme Council’s composition, developing a code of ethics, and tackling challenges in enacting recommendations for MPs and prosecutors. These efforts, highlighted in GRECO’s 2023 report, demonstrate Cyprus’s dedication to combating corruption and increasing transparency in its legal system.

health awareness

Raising Awareness: A United Front Against Hepatitis and HIV

In Cyprus, ‘Prometheus,’ KYFA, and the Health Ministry have united to raise awareness about hepatitis and HIV through collaborative campaigns, public education, free testing initiatives, and training seminars. Their joint efforts aim to combat the spread and impact of viral hepatitis and HIV, empowering individuals with essential knowledge for a healthier future.

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