May 2024

patients' rights healthcare advocacy

Osak will continue fight for patients’ rights

Osak is unwavering in its commitment to fighting for patients’ rights, advocating for access to quality healthcare, improving the national health scheme, and promoting autonomy in public hospitals. Led by Charalambos Papadopoulos, the federation aims to create a healthcare environment that is responsive and personalized to patient needs.

minimum wage government decision

Adjustments in the Minimum Wage Spark Controversy

The reduction of the minimum wage in the north to 29,520 Turkish Lira (TL) has stirred controversy among stakeholders, with the new figure marking a decrease from the previous 29,640TL. Business owners’ appeal for adjustment has led to this change, prompting discussions on the economic implications for workers in the region and beyond.

art artificial intelligence

Cyprus Artist Takes a Look into the Future

Cyprus artist Suzana Phialas presents AiNA, an immersive art experience exploring the fusion of performance art and artificial intelligence at the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Festival hosted at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol. This innovative exhibitioninstallationperformance delves into the societal implications of AI and the digital age, offering a unique perspective on the evolving relationship between humanity and technology.

sustainability education

Children key in sustainable future, says education minister

Education Minister Athina Michaelidou stresses the importance of teaching children about the environment to secure a sustainable future. Through initiatives like tree planting, children are instilled with values of environmental stewardship and responsible citizenship, setting the stage for a greener tomorrow.

crime car theft

Five Arrested for Car Thefts and Burglary in Limassol, Famagusta

Police in Limassol and Famagusta have arrested five individuals linked to a series of car thefts, recovering stolen items and showcasing effective local law enforcement efforts against the recent crime wave in these coastal provinces. Residents are reminded to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help maintain safety and deter criminal behavior.

turkish cypriots eu elections

Over 100,000 Turkish Cypriots Set to Vote in Upcoming EU Elections

Over 100,000 Turkish Cypriots have registered to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections, showing a significant increase in political engagement within the community. This number nearly matches half of those who registered for the previous local elections, indicating a growing interest in European affairs and democratic participation.

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