January 2024

1 illegal migration

Europol’s Stance Against Illegal Migration: Operation Task Force Limassol

Operation Task Force Limassol, led by Cyprus with assistance from Latvia and Portugal, is a joint effort supported by Europol and Eurojust to crack down on a criminal network involved in orchestrating sham virtual marriages for illegal migration and residency within the EU. The operation resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals connected to crimes such as human trafficking, money laundering, and forgery, marking a significant stride in international legal cooperation.

crime prevention traffic violations

Comprehensive Efforts in Crime and Traffic Violation Mitigation

The Police of Cyprus recently conducted extensive operations over three days, targeting crime prevention and traffic violation reduction. They inspected 2,103 individuals and 2,091 vehicles, detecting 1,052 traffic offenses, including 464 speeding cases and 32 seat belt violations. Additionally, they reported 84 parking offenses and enforced regulations on 310 businesses. Their proactive approach aims to ensure public safety and road security.

1 burglaries

Arrests in Limassol: A String of Burglaries Comes to an End

The recent arrests in Limassol have brought an end to a string of burglaries that have plagued the province for months. Two suspects, aged 33 and 36, have been apprehended, and charges have been filed against them for various offenses, including burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools. Scientific evidence and collaboration with Europol played a crucial role in the arrests, and ongoing investigations seek to uncover the full extent of the criminal activities.

fraud online transactions

Unveiling the Recent Electronic Fraud in Limassol: A Cautionary Tale for Merchants

A recent incident in Limassol highlights the dangers of online invoice fraud. A company fell victim to a scam when they received an email from their supplier with changed banking details, leading them to transfer over €16,000. It is crucial for merchants to verify payment details directly with suppliers, educate staff about fraud, and invest in strong security measures to prevent falling prey to invoice fraud.

law enforcement stolen vehicle

Comprehensive Report on Larnaca Operation

A recent police operation in Larnaca resulted in the recovery of a stolen vehicle, stolen items, and a small amount of narcotics. Two individuals wanted for serious offenses, including firearms and explosives charges, were arrested. The operation showcased effective collaboration among law enforcement agencies and a commitment to combating crime in the community.

roadworks closure

Upcoming Roadworks on Limassol-Nicosia Highway

Upcoming roadworks on the LimassolNicosia Highway include closures at the Kalamon roundabout entrance, nightly repairs for safety barrier enhancements, and maintenance on the Limassol bypass road. The closures and repairs are scheduled to take place until February 29, with specific times and alternative routes provided. Motorists are advised to exercise caution and follow temporary road signs to ensure personal safety and minimize disruptions during the construction period.

highway maintenance road closures

Overview of Scheduled Roadworks on Cypriot Highways

The Cypriot Department of Public Works has announced several scheduled roadworks on highways in Cyprus. This includes the temporary closure of Lympia and Alambra exits on the NicosiaLarnaca and NicosiaLimassol highways, night works on the NicosiaLimassol highway for safety barrier repairs, and the cleaning of stormwater gutters on the Limassol bypass road. Motorists are advised to be aware of these closures and follow the designated detours.

sportsmanship security measures

Pre-Match Guidance for Apollon vs. AEL in the Coca Cola Cup

The Apollon vs. AEL Coca Cola Cup match is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 19:00 at the ALPHAMEGA Stadium. Fans are reminded to arrive 45 minutes early, present their fan card and valid ticket, and adhere to stadium regulations for safety. Police presence will be in place to ensure traffic and order.

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