December 2023

1 cypriot new year's eve

A Cypriot New Year’s Eve at Valeur Coffee & More

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Valeur Coffee & More in Cyprus is a special experience that embodies true Cypriot hospitality and offers a cozy environment for friends and family to come together over coffee. The café, situated in Cyprus’s festive atmosphere, provides a warm and welcoming space to honor traditions, bid farewell to the old year, and welcome the new with anticipation, reflecting the island’s spirit of joy and camaraderie.

reunification corruption

Christodoulides: 2024 as a Historic Milestone for Cyprus

President Nikos Christodoulides envisions 2024 as a historic year for Cyprus, aiming for reunification, economic growth with a zerotolerance stance on corruption, quality of life improvements, and a stronger role in the European Union. His administration is dedicated to transparency, reforms, and addressing migration while offering a hopeful future for all citizens.

earthquake tragedy devastation

A Heartbreaking Dawn: The Earthquake Tragedy in Turkey

The earthquake in Turkey had a devastating impact on Famagusta’s community, causing the tragic loss of a youth volleyball team from Famagusta who were caught at the epicenter. The town mourned deeply, and investigations revealed safety oversights in buildings, leading to a communitywide reevaluation of structural integrity and a cry for justice.

1 cultural event

The West End comes to Cyprus

The Pattihio Municipal Theatre in Limassol, Cyprus, will host a concert featuring West End and Broadway stars alongside local talent, with live orchestral accompaniment by the TrakArt Pops Limassol Orchestra. Scheduled for January 5th7th, this unique cultural collaboration promises to enchant audiences with a fusion of Cypriot charm and international musical artistry.

cabinet reshuffle governance approaches

Cabinet Reshuffle on the Horizon: President Nikos Christodoulides’ Governance Approaches 18 Months

President Nikos Christodoulides is planning a cabinet reshuffle to enhance responsiveness and accountability in the Cypriot government, based on ministerial performance assessments and societal feedback. This strategic move reflects his commitment to maintaining alliances while preserving policy integrity, and he emphasizes personal judgment and a collaborative spirit in making these decisions.

car accident investigation

Driver Injured on Christmas Day Car Accident Dies

On Christmas Day, a car accident occurred on the Stroumbi – Tsadas road, resulting in the death of 57yearold Kyriacos Economides. He was critically injured and later passed away at Nicosia general hospital. The incident is currently under investigation by local authorities, and the community is mourning the loss while advocating for increased road safety measures.

greece turkey

Greece and Turkey Embark on a New Peaceful Chapter

In 2023, Greece and Turkey embarked on a new peaceful chapter, setting aside their historic tensions, notably over Cyprus. Turkish President Erdogan and Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis met in Athens to agree on maintaining peace, marking a hopeful era for regional stability.

economic reforms regional challenges

Economic Reforms Amidst Regional Challenges: A Look at Cyprus in 2024

In 2024, Cyprus faces economic challenges due to regional conflicts, potential disruptions to the Suez Canal traffic, rising energy costs, and increasing prices of essential goods. Business leaders are urging the government to implement reforms such as digitalization of public services and reducing bureaucracy, while managing the public sector payroll. The Cyprus issue and the potential withdrawal of UN peacekeeping forces also pose threats to economic stability.

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