December 2023

celebrity online scams

Anna Vissi: Navigating Fame and Online Fraud

Beloved Greek singer Anna Vissi is confronting online fraud using her image by warning her fans through her official Facebook page. She emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant in today’s digital landscape to protect oneself against scams, reminding us that even acclaimed figures like her are not immune.

greek composers concert series

A Musical Encounter: Greek Composers Take the Stage in Cyprus

The upcoming cultural highlight in Cyprus is a concert series featuring renowned Greek composers Giorgos Hatzinassios and Stefanos Korkolis. They will perform alongside the TrakArt Contemporary Music Orchestra and vocalists Doros Demosthenos and Sofia Manousakis, promising an evening of traditional melodies and contemporary rhythms. The concerts will take place in Nicosia and Limassol, celebrating Greek musical heritage.

economic growth fiscal stability

Cyprus Government Surplus Hits €1 Billion in 2023

The Cyprus government achieved a remarkable financial milestone in 2023, recording a surplus of €1 billion, or 3.4% of GDP, in the first eleven months. This represents a substantial increase from the previous year and highlights notable economic growth and fiscal stability amidst global financial challenges.

renewable energy sustainability

First phase of Nicosia General’s photovoltaic park completed

The Nicosia General Hospital in Cyprus has completed the first phase of its photovoltaic park project, showcasing the country’s commitment to renewable energy. The project, part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, aims to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and provide shaded parking. Once finished, it will generate 1.3 MWp of power, making the hospital more sustainable and setting an example for healthcare innovation.

1 healthcare funds

Finance Minister Dismisses Misuse of Healthcare Funds

Finance Minister Makis Keravnos has dismissed claims of potential misuse of Gesy’s healthcare funds as unfounded, emphasizing the government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services and ensuring funds are used solely for healthcare. The Health Minister Popi Kanari has reassured that no funds will be cut from Gesy, and discussions are scheduled to occur to further deliberate these matters.

1 legal implications

Seeking Revenge Against Audit Office Potentially ‘Illegal’

Initiating legal action against an audit office as revenge for reporting corruption may be illegal, as whistleblower laws protect against such retaliation. The ongoing conflict between Cyprus’s attorneygeneral’s office and the audit service will test the strength and independence of the country’s legal and anticorruption systems.

marina construction economic revitalization

Construction of Marina in Kissonerga Set for 2025

The construction of the Marina in Kissonerga is set to begin in late 2025, with the groundwork expected to be completed by the end of 2024. This transformative project aims to boost the local economy and tourism sector, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability to preserve the village’s natural beauty.

drive-by shooting investigation

Drive-by Shooting Incident Shakes Nicosia

A driveby shooting occurred near the central prisons in Nicosia around 11:20 am, where a black car with tinted windows fired shots into the air. The motive is unclear, but the police are investigating potential connections to the city’s criminal activities and a recent prison release. No injuries were reported, and the community is calling for increased security measures.

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