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water scarcity cyprus

Cyprus Faces Water Scarcity Amid Dry Season

Cyprus is facing a serious water scarcity issue with dam levels dropping to 36.8% capacity, down from last year’s 60.7%. To combat this, the government has allocated €58.1 million for desalination plants to secure water supplies and prevent rationing, highlighting the urgent need for action in the face of the ongoing dry season.

cyprus erdogan

Erdogan’s Perspective on Cyprus: Advocating for a Two-State Solution

Turkish President Erdogan calls for a twostate solution to resolve the Cyprus division, emphasizing Turkish Cypriots’ sovereignty and equal international status as nonnegotiable prerequisites for peace, diverging from the traditional federation model. Erdogan’s stance marks a shift in negotiations and sparks diplomatic tensions with Greece, highlighting the complex regional dynamics and setting the stage for a new phase in the Cyprus peace process.

unity cyprus

New UK Government Shows Commitment to Cyprus

In a heartfelt nod to the painful history of Cyprus, the UK government under Foreign Minister Stephen Doughty has reiterated its unwavering dedication to Cyprus’s reunification. Advocating for a bizonal, bicommunal federation and emphasizing political equality, the UK’s commitment stands as a beacon of hope for a just and lasting settlement, aligning with UN principles for peace.

protest cyprus

UK Cypriots Stand United Against Past Aggressions

Over 500 UK Cypriots rallied near the Turkish Embassy in London to mark the 50year anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, demanding the withdrawal of Turkish troops and calling for the reunification and peace of Cyprus. The demonstration, organized by the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, showcased a passionate and unified stand against past aggressions, with resolutions submitted to key figures in the UK government and the Turkish Ambassador to London.

sports olympics

Olympic Swimmer Hoping to Make Cyprus Proud

Nikolas Antoniou, the dedicated Olympic swimmer from Cyprus, is determined to excel at the Paris Olympics, aiming to make his country proud alongside his sister Kalia. Despite training challenges and adapting to new environments, he remains focused on improving his personal best and achieving a career milestone.

cyprus european union

A New Era of Decisive Action for Cyprus

Cyprus is at a crucial juncture, gearing up for monumental decisions that could reshape its future. With Greek support and EU involvement, the island nation is poised to forge a path towards reunification, navigating complex geopolitical terrain in pursuit of lasting unity and peace.

unity cyprus

EU’s Solidarity with Cyprus: A Quest for Reunification

In a historic show of solidarity, EU’s Commission President Ursula von der Leyen firmly supports Cyprus’s reunification, backing the nation’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. With a commitment to peace and prosperity, the EU’s stance extends beyond politics, embodying the values of unity and shared hope for a peaceful and inclusive future in Cyprus.

music scene cyprus

The Harmony of Passion and Progress in Cyprus’ Music Scene

Andreas Trachonitis has reshaped Cyprus’ music scene through the establishment of Studio eleven63, Louvana Records, and Fengaros Festival, offering local musicians a platform for growth and integration into the European music stage. His dedication to fostering talent, promoting cultural exchange, and providing educational opportunities has revitalized the island’s musical landscape, marking a new era of passion and progress in Cyprus.

public opinion turkish invasion

Public opinion: 50 years since the Turkish invasion (video)

The 50th anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus highlights the deep division between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, sparking discussions on peace and reunification. This momentous event continues to shape the island’s geography, politics, and culture, showcasing the resilience of Cypriots in the face of conflict.

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