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1 mosaic artistry

Looking at Tradition with New Eyes

The revival of mosaic artistry in Cyprus, led by Loucia Serghiou, signifies a reconnection with the island’s heritage, bridging past and present through art. Serghiou’s work in her Nicosia workshop celebrates Cypriot culture, maintains traditional techniques, fosters community engagement, and inspires a new generation with the ancient craft of mosaic making.

hiv/aids awareness disease prevention

Highlighting the Efforts on World HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

World HIV and AIDS Awareness Day is a crucial event that educates people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and promotes prevention strategies, particularly among highrisk groups. Efforts to integrate HIV prevention into national health strategies, address infection rates among injectable drug users, and ensure accessible testing and treatment are also highlighted on this day.

healthcare spending gdp

Stability in Healthcare Spending: Cyprus Maintains 6% of GDP

Cyprus consistently allocates 6% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to healthcare spending, prioritizing the wellbeing of its citizens despite the European Union average dipping to 8.1%. This stable financial commitment reflects the nation’s strategic choice to maintain accessible and highquality healthcare services as a pillar of societal stability and prosperity.

mental health care infrastructure

Crafting a National Mental Health Strategy: A Pressing Concern in Cyprus

The national mental health strategy discussion in Cyprus is focused on addressing critical gaps in the mental health care system, including infrastructure deficiencies, the need for better patient support, the low bed ratio compared to European standards, and the importance of personalized treatments for eating disorders. The strategy aims to ensure dignified care, societal reintegration for mental health patients, and break societal taboos, with a call to action for government transparency and reform.

anti-cancer supportive and palliative care

Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society: A Beacon of Support for Over 50 Years

The Cyprus AntiCancer Society has been providing free supportive and palliative care services to cancer patients for over 50 years. With specialized care centers, home medical and nursing care, transportation, and various support services, the Society strives to enhance the quality of life for those fighting cancer. Visit their official website for more information.

fat loss spot reduction

Debunking the Myth of Targeted Fat Loss

Debunking the Myth of Targeted Fat Loss: No, you can’t spotreduce fat from specific areas of your body. Overall exercise and lifestyle changes are key for fat loss, while genetics, gender, age, and metabolism also play a role in how fat is distributed and lost.

haemodialysis renal care

Paphos General Hospital Unveils New Haemodialysis Unit

Paphos General Hospital in Paphos is transforming renal care with a new haemodialysis unit that offers advanced technology, specialized spaces for vulnerable groups, and inclusive design for patients with disabilities. This development addresses the growing need for quality kidney disease management and diabetesrelated treatments in the area.

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