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Cypriot Patients Safe in Israel After Attacks

The three Cypriot patients in Israel are safe and well at the Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, despite recent attacks. They continue their treatment with the support of the Cypriot Health Ministry, showcasing international cooperation in challenging times.

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Challenges and Sustainability of Gesy: Analyzing the National Health Scheme of Cyprus

The National Health Scheme of Cyprus, Gesy, faces challenges such as overutilization due to free services leading to unnecessary medical procedures and patient demands. The report highlights the need for systemic improvements to ensure the scheme’s longterm sustainability and prevent potential financial exploitation, calling for a cultural shift towards responsible healthcare utilization and stricter oversight of referrals by personal doctors.

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High Dust Levels Warning

The labour inspection department has issued a warning about high dust levels in the atmosphere, urging vulnerable groups to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities. Employers are advised to protect their workers with measures like providing respiratory gear and adjusting work schedules to minimize exposure during this period of heightened dust concentration.

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Larnaca Takes Action Against Mosquitoes

Larnaca is taking proactive steps to combat its mosquito population, including using biological insecticides in breeding areas like salt lakes and spraying stagnant water bodies. Community involvement is also key, with residents encouraged to remove standing water and clear vegetation, while ecofriendly solutions are prioritized to preserve ecosystems and reduce the ecological footprint.

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Wellness Retreat at Nissi Beach

Immerse yourself in a threeday wellness journey at the Armonia Retreat at Nissi Beach Resort in Cyprus. Experience a harmonious blend of activities like yoga, meditation, and sound healing against the backdrop of picturesque Nissi Beach for physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation.

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Unprecedented Flood Leads to Medicine Destruction in Nicosia

The Medicine Storage at the Health Ministry in Nicosia faced extensive damage due to a devastating flood caused by severe weather conditions. Thousands of medicine packages were destroyed, prompting an urgent assessment to prevent potential shortages for patients, as an ad hoc committee works to evaluate the situation and prevent a health crisis.

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Strengthening Ties Through Healthcare Collaboration

Cyprus and Greece are collaborating in transplant medicine, including organ donation and lung transplants at Greece’s Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre. They are proposing a kidney exchange program to optimize transplant matches and reduce waiting times, with discussions also encompassing broader healthcare cooperation like pharmaceutical procurement.

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