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Enhanced Policing to Curb Traffic Violations

In a concentrated effort to improve road safety, the Cyprus Police have increased patrols and enforcement measures to target various traffic violations. Over a 24hour period, they issued 63 speeding complaints, penalized 51 individuals for impaired driving, cited 5 for driving without a license, cited 15 for seat belt violations, reported 8 for mobile phone use while driving, cited 94 for documentation offenses, and noted 116 miscellaneous traffic code violations. These actions aim to reduce serious and fatal road collisions and promote proper road behavior among drivers.

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Summer Traffic Offense Report: A Close Look at Motorcycle and Moped Violations

The Summer Traffic Offense Report revealed a total of 1,831 traffic offenses committed by motorcyclists and moped riders, resulting in 311 impounded vehicles and the discovery of 10 stolen ones. The most common violations included not wearing a helmet, lack of insurance, and driving without a valid license, while other issues involved vehicle condition violations and driving under the influence.

1 road safety

Enhanced Road Safety: Police Focus on Truck and Bus Compliance

The recent police operation aimed to enhance road safety by focusing on truck and bus compliance with traffic laws. Through education and inspections, authorities assessed vehicle suitability, monitored device usage, and verified driver and vehicle documentation. While bus drivers showed high compliance, there were concerns regarding truck violations, particularly with inadequate tire conditions. This initiative was part of a collaboration with the European Traffic Police Network, emphasizing the commitment to road safety across Europe.

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Eyes on the Road: Cyprus Combats Mobile Distractions Behind the Wheel

Cyprus is facing a disturbing increase in fatal traffic accidents, largely caused by distracted driving, particularly with the use of mobile phones. The “Eyes on the Road – The Mobile can Wait” campaign has been launched to combat this issue, while Cyprus has also adopted a Strategic Road Safety Plan to reduce fatalities and serious injuries by 2030.

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