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Organised Crime in Cyprus Escalating without Restraint

Cyprus is intensifying efforts to curb organised crime, with plans to enhance police patrols, recruit more officers, and strengthen the financial crimes unit. Legislative changes and the potential creation of a special entity to monitor individuals’ finances are part of the country’s strategy to combat the escalating criminal activity, as key figures in law enforcement and legal communities discuss effective countermeasures at a recent workshop.

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Paphos Police Apprehend Trio Linked to Burglaries

The Paphos Police recently apprehended a 39yearold man connected to multiple burglaries, leading to the detention of two others for possessing stolen goods. Investigations are ongoing, with recovered items from the suspect’s residence aiding in the connection to the crimes.

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Meeting of Chief of Police with Australian Representatives

The recent meeting between Chief of Police Mr. Stelios Papatheodorou and Australian representatives focused on strengthening law enforcement cooperation, addressing immigration challenges, and recognizing the Cyprus Police’s role in a sensitive investigation involving the sexual abuse of a minor. This significant diplomatic engagement involved senior members of the Australian Federal Police, Mr. Tom Walker and Mr. Christopher Woods, discussing mutual interests and highlighting the swift actions taken by Cyprus Police in aiding the successful apprehension and prosecution of the accused individual.

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High-ranking civil servant arrested after mass brawl in north

A highranking civil servant in Nicosia’s Old Town was arrested after a mass brawl involving individuals armed with golf clubs, suspected to have ties to organized crime. The incident has sparked concerns about safety and governance challenges in the area, as authorities work to address the root causes and prevent future occurrences.

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Thousands Stolen in Limassol Armed Robbery

In Limassol, a party turned into a nightmare as four masked assailants armed with pistols and shortbarreled weapons robbed partygoers, shooting and injuring two individuals. Valuables worth €20,000 were stolen, prompting a police investigation and a plea for public assistance to identify the perpetrators.

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Ten Years in Jail for Cannabis Trafficker

The recent arrest at Larnaca Airport resulted in a tenyear prison sentence for a woman caught smuggling 9.5 kilograms of cannabis, showcasing the severe consequences of drug trafficking. Law enforcement’s vigilance and the judiciary’s zerotolerance policy aim to deter illegal activities and protect community wellbeing.

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Three Migrant Boats Arrive Over Two Days

The recent arrival of three migrant boats in Cyprus over two days, carrying nearly 200 individuals, highlighted the ongoing challenges migrants face, fleeing war, persecution, and poverty in search of a better life in Europe. Law enforcement authorities apprehended individuals suspected of navigating the vessels, emphasizing the perilous journey migrants undertake and the complex legal and humanitarian considerations they face upon arrival.

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Seizure of Smuggled Beef in Northern Cyprus Leads to Arrests

Authorities in Northern Cyprus have cracked down on beef smuggling from the Republic of Cyprus, resulting in the arrest of two individuals and the seizure of 140 kg of illicit meat. The incident sheds light on challenges in controlling crossborder meat trade and the economic strain faced by local businesses, particularly butchers demanding action to equalize meat prices.

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Limassol Court Issues Remand in Cannabis Trafficking Case

In the Limassol District Court, two men were remanded in custody for eight days after being caught with nine kilograms of cannabis. This incident sheds light on the efforts Cyprus is making to combat drug trafficking and the importance of swift judicial action and international cooperation in such cases.

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