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Attempted Drug Delivery to Polis Holding Cell Thwarted

A drug delivery attempt to a holding cell in Paphos was stopped when officers discovered crystal meth hidden in a shampoo bottle and in the undergarments of a 24yearold woman visiting a detainee. The woman implicated another person but denied knowledge of the illicit contents, highlighting the ongoing struggle between law enforcement and the innovative tactics employed by those involved in the drug trade.

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New Cohort of Police Officers Begin Their Journey in Cyprus

A cohort of 179 new police officers has joined the Cyprus Police Force. They will undergo a rigorous sixweek training program, starting with foundational training at the police academy, followed by practical experience with the rapid response unit. This ensures they’re prepared to serve the community effectively.

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Enhanced Policing to Curb Traffic Violations

In a concentrated effort to improve road safety, the Cyprus Police have increased patrols and enforcement measures to target various traffic violations. Over a 24hour period, they issued 63 speeding complaints, penalized 51 individuals for impaired driving, cited 5 for driving without a license, cited 15 for seat belt violations, reported 8 for mobile phone use while driving, cited 94 for documentation offenses, and noted 116 miscellaneous traffic code violations. These actions aim to reduce serious and fatal road collisions and promote proper road behavior among drivers.

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Wave of Thefts Hits Limassol: Bakery and Kiosks Targeted

A series of bold thefts targeting local businesses, including a bakery and kiosks, has disturbed the tranquility of Limassol. A 26yearold man was swiftly arrested after evidence from CCTV footage helped law enforcement officials locate and apprehend him, highlighting the importance of vigilance and robust security measures.

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Nicosia Authorities Detain Two for Cannabis Trafficking

Nicosia police have detained two individuals, aged 41 and 42, for their involvement in cannabis trafficking. The arrests were made after a parcel containing approximately 800 grams of cannabis was intercepted at a local post office, showcasing the ongoing commitment of the Nicosia drug squad, Ykan, to combat illegal drug activities.

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CEPOL’s Initiative Against Human Trafficking and Labor Exploitation in Cyprus

CEPOL, in collaboration with various institutions, has launched an educational program in Cyprus to combat human trafficking and labor exploitation. The initiative includes a fiveday training for police, prosecutors, labor inspectors, and border guards from Cyprus and other participating countries, aiming to foster knowledgesharing and operational cooperation to effectively tackle labor law violations.

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