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Nine Kilograms of Cannabis Seized in International Mail

Authorities in Cyprus intercepted nine kilograms of cannabis in two packages during a mail inspection, leading to the arrest of two young men and highlighting the challenges in detecting illegal drug transport through international mail systems. The investigation continues to uncover the full extent of the operation, emphasizing the need for enhanced screening procedures and international cooperation in the fight against illicit activities.

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Coordinated Wheel Control Operation by Group “Z” and EOMO in Limassol

During the coordinated wheel control operation by Group “Z” and EOMO in Limassol, law enforcement officers reported several violations, including 25 drivers for licensing issues, 17 impounded vehicles, 20 individuals for insurance violations, and various complaints for vehicle condition noncompliance. A total of 286 traffic violations were identified, showcasing significant efforts to enhance road safety in the community.

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Comprehensive Efforts in Crime and Traffic Violation Mitigation

The Police of Cyprus recently conducted extensive operations over three days, targeting crime prevention and traffic violation reduction. They inspected 2,103 individuals and 2,091 vehicles, detecting 1,052 traffic offenses, including 464 speeding cases and 32 seat belt violations. Additionally, they reported 84 parking offenses and enforced regulations on 310 businesses. Their proactive approach aims to ensure public safety and road security.

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Comprehensive Report on Larnaca Operation

A recent police operation in Larnaca resulted in the recovery of a stolen vehicle, stolen items, and a small amount of narcotics. Two individuals wanted for serious offenses, including firearms and explosives charges, were arrested. The operation showcased effective collaboration among law enforcement agencies and a commitment to combating crime in the community.

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Overview of the Limassol Traffic Police Operation

In the Limassol Traffic Police operation, 30 individuals were caught driving without a license or insurance, vehicles were impounded, and 141 traffic violations were recorded. The operation aimed to enhance road safety and enforce traffic laws. A coordinated enforcement action by the Limassol Police Department targeted traffic offenders, resulting in the impoundment of vehicles, penalties for unlicensed and uninsured drivers, and the detection of various other violations. Advanced technology, such as automatic number plate recognition, was utilized to streamline the process. The operation spanned a twelvehour period, with the goal of promoting safer driving practices and preventing accidents.

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Overview of the Special Police Officer Recruitment Process

The Cyprus Police has released the Final List of eligible candidates for Contracted Special Police Officers, marking the end of a thorough selection process. The list includes 457 candidates who have met the strict criteria for recruitment, and successful candidates will undergo verification of credentials, mandatory drug testing, and adherence to high standards before being offered a contract.

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Attempted Drug Delivery to Polis Holding Cell Thwarted

A drug delivery attempt to a holding cell in Paphos was stopped when officers discovered crystal meth hidden in a shampoo bottle and in the undergarments of a 24yearold woman visiting a detainee. The woman implicated another person but denied knowledge of the illicit contents, highlighting the ongoing struggle between law enforcement and the innovative tactics employed by those involved in the drug trade.

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New Cohort of Police Officers Begin Their Journey in Cyprus

A cohort of 179 new police officers has joined the Cyprus Police Force. They will undergo a rigorous sixweek training program, starting with foundational training at the police academy, followed by practical experience with the rapid response unit. This ensures they’re prepared to serve the community effectively.

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Enhanced Policing to Curb Traffic Violations

In a concentrated effort to improve road safety, the Cyprus Police have increased patrols and enforcement measures to target various traffic violations. Over a 24hour period, they issued 63 speeding complaints, penalized 51 individuals for impaired driving, cited 5 for driving without a license, cited 15 for seat belt violations, reported 8 for mobile phone use while driving, cited 94 for documentation offenses, and noted 116 miscellaneous traffic code violations. These actions aim to reduce serious and fatal road collisions and promote proper road behavior among drivers.

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