Overview of the Special Police Officer Recruitment Process

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The Cyprus Police has released the Final List of eligible candidates for Contracted Special Police Officers, marking the end of a thorough selection process. The list includes 457 candidates who have met the strict criteria for recruitment, and successful candidates will undergo verification of credentials, mandatory drug testing, and adherence to high standards before being offered a contract.

What is the process for becoming a Contracted Special Police Officer in Cyprus?

The process for becoming a Contracted Special Police Officer in Cyprus includes a rigorous selection process, publication of a Final List in the Official Gazette, merit-based contract offers, verification of credentials, mandatory drug testing, and adherence to strict standards. Non-compliance results in removal from the list, which is valid for 18 months.

The Republic of Cyprus has taken a significant step towards bolstering its law enforcement capabilities with the release of the Final List for the recruitment of Contracted Special Police Officers. This announcement, marked by Announcement No. 5549/779, signals the culmination of a meticulous selection process designed to integrate the most qualified individuals into the Police Force.

Publication of the Final Candidate List

In an effort to uphold the principles of transparency and meritocracy, the Cyprus Police has disseminated the Final List of eligible candidates for the position of Contracted Special Police Officer. This decisive list has been officially published in the Official Gazette of the Republic as of today.

Eligibility and Ranking Criteria

The list includes a total of four hundred and fifty-seven (457) candidates who have successfully met the stringent criteria set forth for recruitment. These stipulations are outlined in Regulation 8(2) of Presidential Decree 265/2022. To ensure a transparent process, the ranking of each candidate, along with their corresponding scores, has been made public.

Selection and Employment Process

Contract Offers Based on Merit

In accordance with Regulation 8 of the aforementioned Presidential Decree, the Chief of Police, with the endorsement of the Minister, will initiate the contract offering procedure. Vacancies for the coveted roles of contracted special police officers will be filled progressively, guided by the candidates’ placement on the Final List.

Verification of Credentials

As an essential prerequisite, those poised to be offered employment must present either the original documents or certified replicas of the various materials previously submitted during their application. This includes a thorough medical assessment and a Criminal Record Certificate that remains valid, having been issued within the past two months.

Mandatory Drug Testing

A crucial component of the selection process is the drug detection screening. Each potential recruit must successfully pass this examination, performed by the General Chemistry Department of the State, to ensure they adhere to the strict standards expected of law enforcement personnel.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with these requirements, such as neglecting to provide the necessary documentation, missing the stipulated deadlines, or refusing to undergo the drug test, will result in the candidate’s immediate removal from the Final List. Accordingly, any preliminary decision to employ such a candidate will be rendered null and void.

Validity of the Final List

The Final List’s relevance and its potential to affect recruitment will persist for a period of eighteen (18) months from the date it was crafted. Post this period, the list will no longer serve as a basis for employment within the Police Force.

The meticulous structure of the recruitment process underscores the Cyprus Police’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of law enforcement personnel, ensuring the safety and security of the community at large.

The Cyprus Police has finished selecting candidates for Contracted Special Police Officers. They have published a list of 457 candidates who have met the requirements for the job. These candidates will now have their credentials verified, undergo a drug test, and need to meet high standards before they can be offered a contract. If they don’t meet these requirements, they will be removed from the list. The list will be valid for 18 months, after which it won’t be used for hiring anymore. This process is important for ensuring that the police force has qualified and reliable officers to keep the community safe.

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