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Overview of the Special Police Officer Recruitment Process

The Cyprus Police has released the Final List of eligible candidates for Contracted Special Police Officers, marking the end of a thorough selection process. The list includes 457 candidates who have met the strict criteria for recruitment, and successful candidates will undergo verification of credentials, mandatory drug testing, and adherence to high standards before being offered a contract.

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New Cohort of Police Officers Begin Their Journey in Cyprus

A cohort of 179 new police officers has joined the Cyprus Police Force. They will undergo a rigorous sixweek training program, starting with foundational training at the police academy, followed by practical experience with the rapid response unit. This ensures they’re prepared to serve the community effectively.

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Recruitment Drive for Special Police Officers in Cyprus Police Force

The Cyprus Police Force is currently recruiting Special Police Officers, and interested individuals can apply online through the official government portal. The application process involves creating a CY Login profile, verifying the profile through eBanking or inperson methods, and submitting all required documents. The submission window for applications is from 09/10/2023 to 10/11/2023, and there is a €45 application fee. For more information on qualifications and responsibilities, applicants can refer to the Official Gazette or contact the Recruitment Office of the Police Force at 22808236, 22808247, or 22808483.

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