Health Ministry’s 2024 Budget: A Significant Increase with Emphasis on Gesy

healthcare system budget allocation

The Health Ministry’s budget proposal for 2024 is aiming to increase funding by 11.6% to €1.3 billion, with a significant portion of the budget, 53%, being allocated to the national health system, Gesy. The focus of the budget includes health system reform, technology enhancement, health promotion, infrastructure improvement, and increased development funds for healthcare improvements.

What are the main points of the Health Ministry’s 2024 budget proposal?

The Health Ministry’s 2024 budget proposal includes:

The budget proposed by the health ministry for the year 2024 marks a significant increase of 11.6 percent from the previous year. A substantial portion of this budget, amounting to over half at 53 percent, is allocated to the national health system known as Gesy. The total budget is projected at approximately €1.3 billion.

Focus on Health System Reform and Technology

Popi Kanari, the Health Minister, presented the budget details to the House finance committee. She highlighted the ministry’s commitment to four key pillars for the upcoming year. These include the reform of Cyprus’ health system, the enhancement of e-health services through new technologies, the promotion of health and disease prevention, and the improvement of the health infrastructure.

Development Funds Experience a Surge

The budget also specifies an allotment of about €18 million for development funds, which is a 61.6 percent increase from the previous allocation. The planned utilization of these funds includes vital upgrades to the state laboratory, blood centers, and the procurement of medical, mechanical, and electronic equipment.

Breakdown of Budget Allocation

The Health Ministry’s budget breakdown for 2024 reveals detailed planning in the distribution of funds. This includes:

  • €687 million earmarked for Gesy contributions.
  • Over €350 million designated for salaries of officials and staff.
  • €95 million set aside for the state health services organization (Okypy).
  • €50 million allocated for medicines and vaccines.
  • Approximately €35 million for social services.
  • More than €12 million directed towards internal transfers.
  • €38 million for operational costs.
  • €18 million for various development projects.

Legislative Developments in Health Care

The ministry is not only focusing on budgetary aspects but is also actively working on legislative reforms. There are ten bills currently in progress that pertain to several healthcare operations, such as university hospitals, palliative care centers, and the regulation of both public and private hospitals. Another set of seven bills, which are completed, are undergoing legal review at the attorney-general’s office.

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Quick Recap

  • The Health Ministry’s budget proposal for 2024 aims to increase funding by 11.6% to €1.3 billion.
  • 53% of the budget will be allocated to the national health system, Gesy.
  • The budget focuses on health system reform, technology enhancement, health promotion, and infrastructure improvement.
  • There will be a 61.6% increase in development funds for healthcare improvements.
  • The ministry is working on legislative reforms for healthcare operations.

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