legislative reforms

road safety legislative reforms

Enhancing Road Safety in Northern Cyprus

Legislative actions and technological advancements are underway in Northern Cyprus to enhance road safety following recent tragic incidents, including the fatal accident involving Greek Cypriot Photis Photiou. Measures include proposed stricter penalties for driving offenses, infrastructure improvements, and the deployment of radar speed guns and upgraded speed cameras to enforce traffic laws and prevent future accidents.

swimming pool regulations legislative reform

Impending Reforms in Cyprus Swimming Pool Regulations

The impending reforms in Cyprus swimming pool regulations will categorize pools into three types, tailoring requirements like inspections and lifeguard presence based on size and usage. This change aims to ease the burden on smaller pool owners, who have been struggling under impractical and burdensome laws affecting tourism and real estate sectors.

disability benefits legislative reform

Overhauling the Benefits System for Disabled Individuals

The government in Cyprus plans to separate disabled benefits from the Guaranteed Minimum Income program in order to better address the unique needs of disabled individuals, increase support funds by €60 million, and enhance social inclusion. Deputy Welfare Minister Marilena Evangelou is leading the charge by engaging stakeholders in drafting targeted legislation for a more inclusive benefits policy, signaling a significant commitment to overhauling the current system.

healthcare system budget allocation

Health Ministry’s 2024 Budget: A Significant Increase with Emphasis on Gesy

The Health Ministry’s budget proposal for 2024 is aiming to increase funding by 11.6% to €1.3 billion, with a significant portion of the budget, 53%, being allocated to the national health system, Gesy. The focus of the budget includes health system reform, technology enhancement, health promotion, infrastructure improvement, and increased development funds for healthcare improvements.

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