Arrangements and Security Measures for the OMONIA – APOEL Football Match

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Security measures for the OMONIA – APOEL football match are strict, requiring fans to carry a fan card and match ticket, while prohibiting items like flares and alcohol. Police presence will ensure safety and traffic management, urging fans to arrive at least one hour before the match for smooth entry.

What are the security measures for the OMONIA – APOEL football match?

Overview of the Match

The upcoming football match for the Cyprus Football Championship, First Division, is set to be an exciting clash between two prominent teams: OMONIA and APOEL. This eagerly anticipated event is scheduled to take place at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia on Sunday, April 28, 2024, at 19:00. In preparation for this event, the Police have released details on the necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of all attendees.

Stadium Entry Guidelines

The gates of the GSP Stadium will welcome fans starting from 17:00, providing ample time for audiences to settle in before the kick-off. To minimize delays and last-minute rushes, fans are encouraged to arrive at least one hour before the match begins. In the event of late arrivals, those fans will still be permitted entry after the match has started, although this may result in missing out on some of the action.

Ticket and Identification Requirements

A critical security measure being enforced is the requirement for all spectators to carry and present their fan card along with their entrance ticket. There will be particular attention paid to children’s entrance tickets; valid identification may be requested to verify the ticket holder’s age and identity.

Specific Instructions for OMONIA Fans

OMONIA supporters are designated to occupy the western, northern, and eastern stands. Fans are advised to approach the stadium via Independence Avenue and the GSP roundabout and are instructed to park their vehicles in the western and northern parking areas. It is important to note that the passage from the southern to the eastern stands will be restricted, and access to the eastern stands will only be available from the north side of the stadium.

Ticket Purchase and Collection Points

OMONIA fans can purchase their tickets at the western and northern ticket offices, which will also open at 17:00. These offices will serve as collection points for personal belongings that are not permitted within the stadium.

Prohibited Items and Behaviors

In the interest of maintaining a secure environment, the following restrictions will be strictly enforced:

  • Fans must present a Fan Card and a match ticket for entry.
  • Flares, fireworks, and other dangerous objects are prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside or outside the stadium.
  • Banners or clothing with political, offensive, or provocative content are banned.
  • Slogans or displays on stadium walls or surrounding areas are not permitted.
  • Backpacks, motorcycle helmets, and face coverings are forbidden.
  • Climbing on stadium fences is prohibited.
  • Parking or stopping along Fthiotidos Street, after the third auxiliary field leading to Independence Avenue, is not allowed.

Violators of these rules may face expulsion, arrest, and monetary fines without legal recourse, even if they hold a valid ticket.

Traffic and Parking Regulations

To ensure smooth traffic flow, parking at the new roundabout of the Nicosia-Limassol highway next to the GSP Stadium, as well as on the road shoulders in the stadium area, is strictly prohibited. Violations will result in reporting to the authorities. It is crucial for fans to comply with these regulations to avoid any inconveniences.

Police Presence and Support

The Police will be present at the sports venues to ensure fan protection and facilitate traffic flow. A strong police contingent will be available in the area around the GSP Stadium to assist the public. For any inquiries or emergency assistance, individuals can contact the Police in Nicosia at 22-802020, the Citizen Line at 1460, or for urgent matters, dial 112.

The outlined security measures and arrangements aim to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone involved. Fans are urged to follow the guidelines closely to contribute to a successful and incident-free sporting event.

Security measures for the OMONIA – APOEL football match are strict to keep everyone safe. Fans need a fan card and match ticket to enter and can’t bring things like flares or alcohol. Police will be there to help with safety and traffic, so fans should come early to avoid problems.

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