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Police Crack Down on Arson Incidents

In response to a surge in arsonrelated crimes, police forces nationwide have intensified efforts to combat the issue, resulting in the apprehension of 17 suspects. Through increased patrols, community outreach, and advanced training for officers, authorities are working diligently to prevent and solve arson incidents, ensuring the safety of the public.

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178 New Members of the Police Ready to Contribute to Society

178 new members graduated from the Cyprus Police Academy recently, showcasing their readiness to serve society with a blend of modern knowledge and practical skills after completing a rigorous threeyear training program. The ceremony, attended by dignitaries including the Minister of Justice and Chief of Police, marked a milestone for Police Trainee Series No. 153, 154, and 155, highlighting the dedication and commitment of the graduates towards enhancing public safety and order in Cyprus.

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Police and Nurse Rescue Baby Found Unconscious on the Highway

The police and an offduty nurse rescued an unconscious sevenmonthold baby on the LarnacaNicosia highway, rushing the infant to the hospital for lifesaving care. Thanks to their swift response and the healthcare team’s efforts, the baby is now in stable condition, showcasing the impact of community vigilance and emergency readiness.

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Significant Drug Seizure in Limassol

In Limassol, a recent police operation led to the arrest of two individuals for drug trafficking, with over five kilograms of cannabis seized. This significant drug bust not only removed illegal substances from the streets but also disrupted a supply chain within the wider drugdealing network.

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Woman robbed of €420,000 hours after arriving in Cyprus

The woman, a Ukrainian national, lost €420,000 to thieves in Cyprus shortly after her arrival, despite declaring the cash at customs for purchasing an apartment. Authorities are investigating the incident and advising secure fund transfer methods for large transactions to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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Swift Action Leads to Arrest in Nicosia Car Arson Incident

The swift action by Nicosia police resulted in the arrest of a 31yearold suspect following a deliberate car arson incident in the capital city of Cyprus. The suspect, a Nicosia resident, was apprehended swiftly after setting a vehicle on fire using flammable material, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the authorities to ensure public safety and uphold justice.

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