Limassol Police Crackdown on Series of Motorcycle Robberies

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In a swift response to a series of motorcycle robberies in Limassol, a 19-year-old suspect has been arrested and is cooperating with ongoing police investigations. The incidents involved multiple victims being attacked and robbed of their possessions, leading to a successful apprehension of one individual and a continued search for additional suspects.

What actions did the Limassol Police take following the motorcycle robberies?

  • The Limassol Police arrested a 19-year-old suspect linked to a series of motorcycle robberies.
  • They responded promptly to the incidents and pursued the suspects.
  • After a chase, they detained one individual, who is now aiding in the ongoing investigation.

In a recent wave of criminal activity, the Limassol Police have found themselves actively investigating three separate robbery incidents. These events, which shook the early hours of Tuesday morning, have led to the arrest of a young suspect and a continued search for his accomplices.

Arrest of a 19-Year-Old Suspect

Amidst the ongoing investigations into these brazen robberies, the police made a significant breakthrough with the apprehension of a 19-year-old individual. This arrest came as a result of prompt police work and investigative rigor into the circumstances surrounding each incident.

First Incident: Attack on a 37-Year-Old Motorcyclist

The first in the series of robberies occurred around 2:15 am. Four assailants on two motorcycles targeted a 37-year-old man. The victim, also on a motorcycle, was forcibly stopped and subsequently attacked. In the ensuing chaos and after the victim had fallen, the attackers brutally assaulted him again, this time to rob him of his personal possessions, including his mobile phone, money, and even his motorcycle, then quickly made their escape.

Second Incident: Another Motorcyclist Targeted

Not long after the first robbery, at approximately 2:40 am, a similar scenario unfolded. This time, the victim was a 23-year-old man, who suffered the same fate while riding his motorcycle. The attackers, operating in the same modus operandi, caused him to lose control and fall off his bike. They assaulted him further before stealing his belongings and fleeing the locale with his motorcycle.

Third Incident: A Cyclist Robbed

The crime spree continued with a third assault at around 3:45 am. The target was a 38-year-old man on a bicycle, approached by two assailants on a motorcycle. The victim was attacked, and during the assault, the perpetrators managed to snatch his shoulder bag, which contained his bank cards and personal documents, before escaping.

Police Response and Suspects’ Apprehension

The Limassol CID’s investigators responded promptly to these incidents. At around 4:30 am, two individuals matching the suspects’ description were spotted. They were riding a motorcycle without license plates and, upon noticing police presence, attempted to evade capture. However, their escape was short-lived as they lost control of the motorcycle and crashed. Although they tried to flee the scene on foot, the police successfully caught one of them.

The Investigation Continues

The arrested youth, upon being discovered with a mobile phone in his possession, failed to explain its origin convincingly. This led to his immediate arrest on the grounds of illegal possession of property. Further interrogation and evidence gathered pointed towards his involvement in the night’s robberies, resulting in an arrest warrant for the suspected offenses. He is now detained, aiding the police with their inquiries as they pursue the remaining suspects.

The Limassol CID is diligently conducting further examinations to conclusively link the arrested suspect to the robberies and to locate his accomplices, hoping to restore safety and security to the streets of Limassol.

In simple terms, there were several robberies involving motorcycles in Limassol. The police acted quickly and arrested a 19-year-old person connected to the crimes. The suspect is now helping the police with their investigation. The police are still looking for other people involved in the robberies to make sure the city is safe.

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