Comprehensive Guide to APOEL vs. OMONIA Match Day Arrangements

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The APOEL vs. OMONIA football match will take place at the GSP Stadium in Strovolos on Saturday, December 23, 2023. Fans are advised to arrive by 14:30 for the 17:00 kickoff and must have a fan card and ID for entry. APOEL fans should access the Western, Eastern, and Southern stands via the GSP roundabout, while OMONIA fans should use the “Orphanides” lights and Dimitri Vikela Street for the Northern stands. Prohibited items include flares, alcohol, offensive banners, backpacks, and face coverings. Parking is not allowed at the new roundabout, with Police assistance available for traffic and safety.

What are the match day arrangements for the APOEL vs. OMONIA football game?

  • Arrive by 14:30 for the 17:00 kickoff; entry requires fan card and ID check.
  • APOEL fans: access Western, Eastern, Southern stands via GSP roundabout.
  • OMONIA fans: use “Orphanides” lights and Dimitri Vikela Street for Northern stands.
  • Prohibited: flares, alcohol, offensive banners, backpacks, face coverings.
  • No parking at the new roundabout; Police will assist with traffic and safety.

The excitement is mounting as football fans gear up for the much-anticipated clash between APOEL and OMONIA in the 16th round of the CYTA championship. This thrilling encounter is set to take place at the GSP Stadium in Strovolos on the afternoon of Saturday, December 23, 2023. To ensure a smooth and safe experience for all attendees, the Police have announced a comprehensive set of measures.

Stadium Access and Entry Requirements

All fans are eagerly awaiting the opening of the stadium gates at 14:30, well ahead of the 17:00 kickoff. To facilitate a hassle-free entry, supporters are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. Keep in mind that a late arrival could mean you might miss the opening minutes of the match as entry will continue even after the game has begun.

Vital Checks and Fan Card Policy

Be prepared for a thorough check upon arrival. A special focus will be on the children’s entrance tickets, and don’t be surprised if you are asked to show an ID for verification. Moreover, it is mandatory for all spectators to carry their fan card and pair it with their entrance ticket for admission to the stands.

Seating Arrangements and Approaches


Supporters of APOEL will fill the Western, Eastern, and Southern stands. When planning your journey, the best route is via the GSP roundabout and Independence Avenue. Parking arrangements have been made in the Western and Southern areas. Keep in mind that on the day of the match, ticket booths for APOEL fans will only be operational on the Western side starting from 14:30.


Fans of OMONIA are allocated the Northern stands. To reach the stadium, they should head towards the “Orphanides” traffic lights and proceed via Dimitri Vikela Street. Northern parking areas are designated for their vehicles.

Safety and Conduct Regulations

The Police underscore the importance of safety and proper conduct within the stadium premises. To maintain a secure environment, the following rules are to be adhered to:

  • Only fans with a fan card and match ticket will be granted entrance.
  • Items such as flares, fireworks, and other dangerous materials are strictly forbidden.
  • Alcohol is banned on stadium grounds, both inside and outside.
  • Banners or clothing with political, offensive, or provocative messages are prohibited.
  • Stadium property, including walls and fences, must not be defaced with slogans.
  • Carrying backpacks, motorcycle helmets, or any face-covering items is not allowed in the stands.
  • Climbing the stadium fences is strictly prohibited.

Non-compliance with these regulations may result in immediate ejection from the stadium and potential legal repercussions, regardless of ticket possession.

Personal Belongings and Prohibited Parking

For those wondering where to leave their personal items, collection points will be available at the Western (APOEL fans) and Northern (OMONIA fans) ticket booths. Additionally, parking is not permitted at the new roundabout of the Nicosia-Limassol highway near the stadium and on the surrounding roads, with enforcement actions in place against violators.

Police Presence and Assistance

To safeguard fans and ensure a peaceful sporting event, the Police will be present in and around the sports facilities. Their role extends beyond security; they will also assist in directing traffic during arrival and departure times to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Contact Information for Assistance

Should you need to reach out to the Police in Nicosia for any reason, here are the contact numbers:

  • General inquiries: 22-802020
  • Citizen Line: 1460
  • For emergencies: 112

Remember these details to enjoy a memorable and safe football experience at the GSP Stadium.

The APOEL vs. OMONIA football match is happening on December 23, 2023, at the GSP Stadium. Fans need to arrive by 14:30 for the 17:00 kickoff and must bring their fan card and ID to enter. APOEL fans should go through the GSP roundabout to access the Western, Eastern, and Southern stands, while OMONIA fans should use the “Orphanides” lights and Dimitri Vikela Street to reach the Northern stands. Items like flares, alcohol, offensive banners, backpacks, and face coverings are not allowed. Parking is not allowed at the new roundabout, and the Police will be there to help with traffic and safety.

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