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Tougher Sanctions to Curb Fan Violence in Cyprus Football

The Cyprus Football Association has implemented a series of tough new sanctions to combat fan violence in the country’s football scene. Clubs now face fines up to €15,000, stadium bans, and potential fanfree home games for offenses ranging from pitch encroachment to violent acts, marking a significant crackdown on unruly behavior.

sports sponsorship Boosts 2025 FIBA EuroBasket with Major Sponsorship steps into the spotlight as the major sponsor for FIBA EuroBasket 2025 in Cyprus, promising a cuttingedge fan experience with exclusive eticketing and VIP hospitality for all 15 Group C games. With a history of managing millions of tickets and a commitment to sports innovation, is set to revolutionize the way fans engage with this prestigious basketball tournament.

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Olympic Swimmer Hoping to Make Cyprus Proud

Nikolas Antoniou, the dedicated Olympic swimmer from Cyprus, is determined to excel at the Paris Olympics, aiming to make his country proud alongside his sister Kalia. Despite training challenges and adapting to new environments, he remains focused on improving his personal best and achieving a career milestone.

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Cypriot Sprinter Trajkovic’s Olympic Dream

Sprinter Milan Trajkovic aims to reach the finals in the 110 metres hurdles at the Paris 2024 Olympics, representing Cyprus with dedication and hope. His journey from Serbia to Cyprus has been one of sacrifice and unwavering commitment, shaping him into a champion ready to overcome any obstacle on the track.

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A New Era for Cypriot Sports: President’s Commitment

President Nikos Christodoulides of Cyprus is dedicated to revolutionizing the nation’s sports landscape, vowing to address past shortcomings and invest in infrastructure. With a focus on creating a supportive environment for athletes, the president’s commitment aims to elevate Cypriot sports to new heights, enabling them to compete on the global stage with pride and determination.

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Cyprus Olympic athletes ‘have ability to win medals’

Cyprus’s athletes are poised to shine at the Paris Olympics, with a diverse team of 15 members ready to compete in eight disciplines. Fueled by their nation’s support and confidence in their abilities, these Olympians are determined to aim for medals and make Cyprus proud with their talent and hard work.

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Proud Cypriot Windsurfer Qualifies for Olympics

Natasha Lappa, a 22yearold Cypriot windsurfer, has qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics in women’s windsurfing iQFOiL class after a Swiss competitor withdrew, following Lappa’s top finish at the Last Chance Regatta in April 2023. Lappa, training under the Limassol Nautical Club, is set to represent Cyprus on a global stage for the second time, showcasing her skill and determination in the evolving windsurfing competition.

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Proud Cypriot Windsurfer Qualifies for Olympics

Natasha Lappa, a proud Cypriot windsurfer, has qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics in the women’s windsurfing category after an impressive performance at the Last Chance Regatta and the withdrawal of a Swiss competitor. She will compete in the new iQFOiL event, showcasing her talent and determination on the global stage.

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The Grit and Grace of a Figure Skating Prodigy: Stefania Yakovleva

Stefania Yakovleva’s journey from battling asthma in Cyprus to qualifying for the 2023 Youth Olympic Games in Toronto is a testament to her grit and grace as a figure skating prodigy. Overcoming challenges of injuries, lack of facilities, and balancing athletics with education, Stefania’s resilience shines through in her pursuit of excellence on and off the ice.

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Betting Tax Reform Awaits European Commission Scrutiny

The European Commission must review Cyprus’s proposed betting tax changes to ensure compliance with EU regulations. The amendments aim to double the percentage of net betting revenue allocated to football clubs and academies, sparking debate over legal compliance and financial support for private entities.

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