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Apoel Unveil Plans for New Stadium

Apoel, the powerhouse in Cypriot football, is building a new 14,669seater stadium in Kokkinotrimithia with expansion to 19,269 seats, costing €35 million. The project is funded by the Cypriot government and Constantine Iordanou, reflecting the importance of football in national culture and community spirit.

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Aris Triumphs in Cyprus and Prepares for Friendly with Latvian Rivals

Aris FC, fresh off their victory in the Cypriot First Division, is gearing up for a crucial friendly match against Rigas Futbola Skola in preparation for the Champions League qualifiers. The team, under the guidance of coach Aleksey Shpilevsky, is honing their tactics, improving cohesion, and testing new strategies to maintain their competitive edge for the upcoming season.

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A Historic Achievement in Gymnastics for Cyprus

Vera Tukolukova made history for Cyprus by winning a bronze medal at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Athens, a first for a Cypriot gymnast on a World Cup podium. Her exceptional ribbon routine and dedication earned her a spot in the Paris Olympics, showcasing Cyprus’s rising presence in the gymnastics world.

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Cyprus’s Strong Stance Against Violence in Sports

Cyprus is cracking down on sports violence through legal action, enhanced stadium security, educational initiatives, and collaboration between law enforcement, sports bodies, and communities for a zerotolerance approach, exemplified by the trial of a 24yearold man involved in a firecracker incident at a football match between Apoel and Nea Salamina. The incident has sparked discussions on safety measures, prompting proposals for increased security, technology use, and fan education to foster a safe and respectful sports environment.

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Cyprus Football’s Safety Dilemma

The safety dilemma in Cyprus football involves challenges with fan violence and inadequate security measures, prompting the need for enhanced technology, legislative reforms, and intensive steward training. Cooperation among police, clubs, and stewards is crucial to ensure public safety and prevent further violent incidents.

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Flares Thrown From Outside Pitch Disrupt Match

During the Limassol derby football match, three naval flares were thrown onto the pitch from outside the stadium, causing a temporary halt in the game at the 57th minute. Despite the disruption, Apollon emerged victorious with a 31 win, but postmatch player violence has overshadowed the match.

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Pre-Match Guidance for Apollon vs. AEL in the Coca Cola Cup

The Apollon vs. AEL Coca Cola Cup match is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 19:00 at the ALPHAMEGA Stadium. Fans are reminded to arrive 45 minutes early, present their fan card and valid ticket, and adhere to stadium regulations for safety. Police presence will be in place to ensure traffic and order.

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