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New Legislation Transforms Notary Services in Cyprus

The new legislation in Cyprus is overhauling notary services by shifting signatures to citizen service centers and introducing a standardized fee structure ranging from €5 to €40 based on document length. These changes aim to enhance efficiency, reduce fraud, and modernize services for citizens seeking document certification.

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Cyprus’s Strong Stance Against Violence in Sports

Cyprus is cracking down on sports violence through legal action, enhanced stadium security, educational initiatives, and collaboration between law enforcement, sports bodies, and communities for a zerotolerance approach, exemplified by the trial of a 24yearold man involved in a firecracker incident at a football match between Apoel and Nea Salamina. The incident has sparked discussions on safety measures, prompting proposals for increased security, technology use, and fan education to foster a safe and respectful sports environment.

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Suspicious Device Discovered in Larnaca Vehicle

The discovery of an improvised explosive device in a car during a routine check in Larnaca has shaken the community. The police acted swiftly to secure the area, neutralize the device, and launch investigations to uncover motives and identify the perpetrator, urging residents to stay vigilant in the face of potential threats.

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Cyprus Football’s Safety Dilemma

The safety dilemma in Cyprus football involves challenges with fan violence and inadequate security measures, prompting the need for enhanced technology, legislative reforms, and intensive steward training. Cooperation among police, clubs, and stewards is crucial to ensure public safety and prevent further violent incidents.

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House Robbed ‘Under Threat of Scissors’

In a chilling home invasion in Larnaca, four armed men used scissors to coerce the homeowner and helpers, stealing gold and money from a safe at 1 a.m. The shaken community calls for improved security measures and assistance from law enforcement to bring justice and restore a sense of safety.

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Pre-Match Guidance for Apollon vs. AEL in the Coca Cola Cup

The Apollon vs. AEL Coca Cola Cup match is scheduled for Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 19:00 at the ALPHAMEGA Stadium. Fans are reminded to arrive 45 minutes early, present their fan card and valid ticket, and adhere to stadium regulations for safety. Police presence will be in place to ensure traffic and order.

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Comprehensive Guide to the Omonia Nicosia vs. AEL Limassol Football Match

The Omonia Nicosia vs. AEL Limassol football match is set to take place on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia. Fans are advised to arrive by 18:00 with their fan card and match ticket for smooth entry, and prohibited items such as flares and alcohol are not allowed. There will be designated seating areas for fans of both teams, and parking restrictions and police presence will be in place for safety. For any inquiries, contact the Nicosia Police at 22802020.

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Enhanced Security Measures for Sports Events in Cyprus

Cyprus is implementing enhanced security measures for sports events, including graduated penalties for venue violence, mandatory surveillance systems, increased police presence, fan screenings, and the strengthening of the fan card system. These measures aim to create a safer sports environment and deter potential disturbances, ensuring the safety of spectators and players.

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Enhanced Security Measures for Public Events in Cyprus

In response to a foiled terror plot targeting Israelis and Jews in Cyprus, the country has implemented enhanced security measures for public events. Police presence has been increased at large gatherings, additional officers are being deployed in highcrime areas, and comprehensive strategies are being implemented to ensure national safety without causing panic.

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