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Explosion Rocks Strovolos Neighborhood

An explosion rocked the quiet streets of Strovolos at 3.30am, damaging three vehicles and sparking a police investigation to identify those responsible. Security has been heightened, with authorities seeking information from residents to restore peace in the neighborhood.

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Drive-By Shooting Targets Limassol Forex Company

In Limassol, a Forex company was the target of a driveby shooting, with gunfire striking the office building six times in a midnight attack. The police are on the lookout for two individuals on a motorcycle without a license plate, seeking any information from the public to bring the shooters to justice and restore peace in the community.

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Heightening Security Measures for Upcoming Football Season

In preparation for the upcoming football season, police have implemented heightened security measures including increased presence at events, standby riot squads from the Morphou police department, and proactive policing at preseason gatherings. These actions aim to ensure a secure and controlled environment for all matches, following a recent incident where fans inadvertently caused a fire at a training event, highlighting the importance of preventative measures and readiness for fan safety.

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Teen Remanded in Connection with Limassol Yacht Burglary

A 19yearold arrested at Larnaca Airport in connection with a Limassol yacht burglary where valuable items, including a drone, camera, and laptop, were stolen. The incident sparked increased security measures at the prestigious Limassol Marina to prevent future burglaries and safeguard personal belongings from potential cyber threats.

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Heightened Tensions: Potential Hezbollah Targets in Cyprus

Amid rising tensions, key military bases in Cyprus, including Andreas Papandreou air force base in Paphos and Nicosia base in Lakatamia, are potential targets for Hezbollah, as suggested by Israeli media reports. The strategic locations, integral to Cyprus’s national security and regional stability, could face heightened risks if the island nation actively supports Israeli military operations, highlighting the delicate balance in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Explosion at Nicosia Café Shakes Early Morning Calm

An explosion at a café in Strovolos, Nicosia, caused by a suspected improvised explosive device, left no injuries among the staff. Authorities are investigating the motives behind the incident, as the community grapples with a sense of unease following the unexpected violation of safety in a typically peaceful neighborhood.

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Enhanced Security Measures at Lady’s Mile Beach

Lady’s Mile Beach is implementing enhanced security measures, with increased police presence, a law enforcement vehicle at the entrance, and public awareness campaigns to ensure a safe environment for the anticipated 20,000 holidaymakers. These measures aim to prevent incidents and provide a secure and enjoyable summer experience for all visitors, balancing enforcement with education on safety protocols and environmental conservation.

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International Efforts for Gaza: A Humanitarian Summit in Jordan

International efforts for Gaza are at the forefront of a humanitarian summit in Jordan, aiming to provide immediate aid and establish sustainable channels for assistance. Key leaders and organizations are discussing operational measures and logistics to ensure aid delivery, despite security concerns prompting a temporary pause in operations.

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The High Cost of Democracy: €7m for Elections in Cyprus

In Cyprus, the cost of local government and European parliament elections totals €7 million, covering expenses like new voting equipment, salaries for over 12,000 workers, and logistics for 1,864 polling stations. With nearly 700,000 eligible voters, the focus is on ensuring a secure and inclusive electoral process, highlighting the commitment to democratic values.

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