Three Arrests Linked to Paphos Church Burglaries

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Three arrests have been made in connection to a series of church burglaries in Paphos, with suspects aged 20, 16, and 25 apprehended. The Paphos CID intercepted a vehicle carrying evidence, leading to the arrests, as the investigation continues to seek justice for the affected communities.

What are the details of the recent church burglaries in Paphos?

Between January 28 and February 19, 2024, ten churches in Paphos were burglarized, causing loss of religious artifacts and funds. The Paphos CID arrested two suspects, aged 20 and 16, and a third individual, aged 25, after intercepting a vehicle with evidence. The ongoing investigation continues to seek justice for the affected communities.

Overview of the Church Burglaries

In the serene district of Paphos, tranquility has been marred by a series of unfortunate events. The local community has been shaken by a string of church burglaries that have occurred in quick succession. Spanning from January 28 to February 19, 2024, a total of ten churches fell victim to theft, leaving congregations without precious religious artifacts and monetary funds.

Police Investigation and Arrests

Prompted by the distressing series of burglaries, the Paphos Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sprung into action. Through meticulous examination of the crime scenes, the CID gathered crucial evidence against two suspects, a duo aged 20 and 16. This evidence was compelling enough to procure arrest warrants for the individuals in question.

Patrolling Unit’s Timely Intervention

The breakthrough came when Unit Z, a patrol division within the local law enforcement, identified a vehicle linked to the burglaries. Officers intercepted the car on a road in Paphos. Inside, they discovered not only the two individuals with outstanding warrants but also a third suspect, aged 25.

Evidence and Property Seizure

The immediate aftermath of the interception led to a search that uncovered a haul of items, including gold leaves, coins, and watches, in the possession of the 25-year-old suspect. Their failure to provide a credible account for these possessions resulted in an arrest for illegal possession of property.

Moreover, the vehicle itself yielded further evidence. The police discovered an assortment of tools typically used in burglaries—gloves, masks, and additional coins—all of which lacked satisfactory explanations from the trio.

Suspect Detention and Ongoing Investigations

Following these discoveries, all three individuals were taken into custody. Their detention is instrumental in facilitating the uninterrupted investigation by the Paphos CID. The inquiry remains active as officers continue to analyze the evidence and seek justice for the affected religious communities.

By taking swift action and employing their investigative acumen, the Paphos CID’s efforts have brought a measure of relief to the local community. The arrest of these suspects is a step toward restoring the sanctity of the burglarized churches and returning peace to Paphos.

Between January 28 and February 19, 2024, ten churches in Paphos were robbed, losing valuable items and money. The police arrested three suspects, ages 20, 16, and 25, after finding evidence in their car. The investigation is ongoing to bring justice to the affected communities.

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