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Thousands Stolen in Limassol Armed Robbery

In Limassol, a party turned into a nightmare as four masked assailants armed with pistols and shortbarreled weapons robbed partygoers, shooting and injuring two individuals. Valuables worth €20,000 were stolen, prompting a police investigation and a plea for public assistance to identify the perpetrators.

crime cross-border tensions

Uncovering the Scenes of a Cross-Border Incident

A Turkish taxi driver was arrested in Famagusta after a concealed pistol was found in his vehicle’s glove compartment, leading to suspicions of firearm trafficking. He faces charges for unlawful possession and transportation of a firearm, shedding light on the complexities of crossborder tensions in Cyprus.

crime police

Swift Action Leads to Arrest in Nicosia Car Arson Incident

The swift action by Nicosia police resulted in the arrest of a 31yearold suspect following a deliberate car arson incident in the capital city of Cyprus. The suspect, a Nicosia resident, was apprehended swiftly after setting a vehicle on fire using flammable material, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of the authorities to ensure public safety and uphold justice.

crime courtroom drama

Tussle during Limassol Murder Trial

During the Limassol murder trial, a physical altercation erupted in the courthouse corridor between a friend of the victims and the brother of one of the defendants, adding a layer of tension to the already complex case. The injured party received medical attention, and authorities initiated an investigation into the incident that stemmed from the double homicide trial.

crime police

Police Arrest Nicosia Man Following a Stabbing

A 28yearold man broke into a Nicosia apartment, stabbing a 46yearold man and injuring a 36yearold woman. The suspect was later arrested with a knife in his possession. The man’s injuries were serious but not lifethreatening; the woman did not need hospitalization.

crime theft

Three Suspects Detained for Paphos Church Thefts

In Paphos, three suspects have been arrested in connection to a series of 13 church thefts over 22 days, including a 16yearold. The police are investigating to recover stolen money and religious artifacts, while the community is focused on improving security at these sacred sites.

crime prison

Crime Openly Organised from Prison

Criminals in Cyprus central prisons are using contraband smartphones to coordinate crimes, including ordering hits from behind bars. Despite efforts to address this issue, technological advancements challenge authorities to intercept these communications effectively, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures.

crime drug trafficking

Jailed for 12 Years for Cocaine Possession

In a recent highprofile case, a 34yearold man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for possessing 8 kilograms of cocaine with intent to distribute. Arrested during a warehouse raid in Mouttagiaka, he also agreed to testify against a key figure in the drug operation under witness protection.

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