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Two Arrested for Killing Lambs

In Famagusta, two individuals were arrested for illegally slaughtering lambs near Famagusta lake. The suspects were found with 40 live and 10 dead lambs, lacking proper identification, during a crackdown on unlicensed meat processing, raising concerns about animal welfare and food safety.

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Police investigating mysterious road death

A man was found dead on PalaichoriNicosia Road after a collision involving his car and a water tanker, sparking a mysterious death investigation by the police. Authorities are seeking witnesses to uncover the truth behind the incident and improve road safety in the community.

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Paphos Barber Shop Targeted in Arson Attack

A barber shop in Paphos was set on fire late Thursday night, causing significant damage. Emergency services responded quickly and prevented the flames from spreading to nearby buildings. The incident is currently being investigated by the police as a deliberate act.

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Final Stages of Investigation into Osiou Avakoum Monastery Scandals

The investigation into Osiou Avakoum Monastery scandals is in its final stages as two suspended monks are set to testify before the Holy Synod’s committee. Civilian law enforcement is also conducting a parallel investigation into sexual harassment claims and financial irregularities within the monastery, adding a layer of complexity to the case.

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Paphos Police Arrest Suspect Following Serious Traffic Collision

The Paphos police have arrested a suspect connected to a serious traffic collision in Kissonerga, where a 54yearold motorcyclist was critically injured. The authorities are diligently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident to bring justice to the victim and his family, while the community grapples with the impact of the tragic incident and calls for improved road safety measures.

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Unsettling Incident at Paphos Law Office

An unsettling incident unfolded at a Paphos law office as gunshots shattered the morning calm, leaving shattered glass in their wake. Police are diligently investigating the shooting, seeking clues and witnesses to bring the perpetrator to justice and restore peace to the community.

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Enhanced Efforts in Combating Child Pornography

Recent efforts in combating child pornography in Cyprus resulted in the arrest of two suspects after a Europol alert. Digital devices seized during police searches will undergo forensic analysis to aid ongoing investigations and protect children from exploitation.

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Flares Thrown From Outside Pitch Disrupt Match

During the Limassol derby football match, three naval flares were thrown onto the pitch from outside the stadium, causing a temporary halt in the game at the 57th minute. Despite the disruption, Apollon emerged victorious with a 31 win, but postmatch player violence has overshadowed the match.

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