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Three Arrests Linked to Paphos Church Burglaries

Three arrests have been made in connection to a series of church burglaries in Paphos, with suspects aged 20, 16, and 25 apprehended. The Paphos CID intercepted a vehicle carrying evidence, leading to the arrests, as the investigation continues to seek justice for the affected communities.

assault case investigation

Teenager Among Suspects in Limassol Assault Case

In the Limassol assault case, five suspects have been arrested, including individuals aged 25, 24, 22, 18, and 17, in connection with the violent assault on a 26yearold man. The search for additional suspects is ongoing, and the public’s assistance is crucial in providing tips to the Limassol CID or the Citizen’s Line.

motorcycle heist suspects

Motorcycle Heist Investigation Leads to Varied Fates for Suspects

In the aftermath of a daring motorcycle heist in Limassol, two suspects were released due to lack of evidence while the remaining three were tied to the crime. Two of the three are now detained, while the third received conditional bail, shedding light on the challenges of crossborder crime and keeping the public intrigued about the final verdict.

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