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Realize your dream of starting a business with IDEA, the largest innovation center in Cyprus. They provide €20,000 in seed capital, business training, mentorship, and support services to help turn your idea into a successful venture. Apply by February 16, 2024, at to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

How can IDEA help turn your idea into a business?

IDEA, the largest innovation centre in Cyprus, supports entrepreneurs by offering:

  • €20,000 in seed capital
  • Business training and mentorship
  • Access to a network of entrepreneurs and investors
  • Legal, accounting, marketing, and ICT support

Apply by February 16, 2024, at to start your journey.

In an age where the digital realm pervades every aspect of our lives, the surge of startups comes as no surprise. These sprouts of the business world are not just contemporary trendsetters but the driving force behind a rapidly evolving global economy. With each passing day, innovation becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity, marking the essence of survival and success in the tumultuous sea of commerce.

Fostering Innovation with IDEA

Recognizing the paramount importance of innovation, the largest innovation centre in Cyprus, Bank of Cyprus IDEA, has established itself as a bastion for entrepreneurial spirits. Since its inception, the centre has become a beacon of progress, proudly advancing within the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility with the significant backing of the Bank of Cyprus.

A Journey from Concept to Reality

At IDEA, the transformation from a mere thought to a tangible entity is not just a promise but a reality. The European Commission has lauded the centre for its commitment to nurturing startups from their embryonic stages into full-fledged businesses capable of competing on a global scale.

The Vision of IDEA

The centre’s mission is not solely to generate profit but to enrich the community with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. To this end, IDEA has:

  • Cemented a culture of innovation since 2015.
  • Promoted sustainable business practices.
  • Contributed to the employment of the youth.
  • Boosted Cyprus’s international profile in innovation.
  • Supplied startups with essential tools for growth.
  • Created new SMEs and jobs annually.
  • Offered business education and promoted female entrepreneurship.
  • Fostered a culture of social contribution and volunteering.
  • Encouraged fintech solutions and digital transformation.

With the support of over 70 mentors and 40 trainers, IDEA has propelled 89 startups and over 200 entrepreneurs to astonishing heights, securing over 50 startup awards both in Cyprus and internationally.

Shaping the Future with Collaborations

Success stories are plentiful, with IDEA’s startups attracting significant investments and forming strategic partnerships. With the guidance of Panayiotis Korinos, the Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, these fledgling businesses are not only changing the startup landscape in Cyprus but also paving the way for Cyprus to become a regional innovation hub.

The Call for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Are you yearning to bring an innovative product or service to life? Do you possess a dedicated team eager to make a mark on the international market? If so, IDEA’s nine-month Programme awaits you with open arms, offering:

  • €20,000 in seed capital.
  • Comprehensive business training.
  • Access to a network of seasoned entrepreneurs and potential investors.
  • A suite of services encompassing legal, accounting, marketing, and ICT support.

Embark on this entrepreneurial voyage and let IDEA help you realize your dream. The deadline for applications is February 16, 2024. Find more information and submit your application at, or reach out by phone at +357 22 128 144 or via email at Your innovative journey begins now!

Quick Recap

  • IDEA is the largest innovation center in Cyprus, offering support to entrepreneurs with seed capital, training, mentorship, and support services.
  • The center aims to foster innovation, promote sustainable business practices, and contribute to the employment of youth in Cyprus.
  • IDEA has propelled 89 startups and over 200 entrepreneurs to success, securing over 50 startup awards.
  • Startups supported by IDEA have attracted investments and formed strategic partnerships, shaping the startup landscape in Cyprus.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs can apply to IDEA’s nine-month program, which offers seed capital, business training, access to a network of entrepreneurs and investors, and support services.

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