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Cyprus Showcases Innovation Prowess at SLUSH 2023

Cyprus made its mark at SLUSH 2023 by showcasing seven innovative startups at the Cypriot pavilion, signaling the country’s potential in research, technology, and investment. The event also served as a platform for networking, collaboration, and diplomatic talks to foster international relationships and partnerships.

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Realise Your Dream, Turn Your IDEA Into a Business

Realize your dream of starting a business with IDEA, the largest innovation center in Cyprus. They provide €20,000 in seed capital, business training, mentorship, and support services to help turn your idea into a successful venture. Apply by February 16, 2024, at to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

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The Innovation and Startup Ecosystem in Cyprus

Cyprus is emerging as a significant tech hub in the European Union, offering an ideal environment for tech pioneers with a supportive framework and tax incentives. Invest Cyprus and TechIsland are key players in promoting growth, while cybersecurity and data science present new opportunities. Despite challenges in the gaming industry, optimism persists for Cyprus’s technological renaissance.

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Cyprus Shapes Its Future with National Research & Innovation Strategy

Cyprus’s National Research & Innovation Strategy 20242026 aims to transform the country into a hub for research, innovation, and high technology. The strategy focuses on integrating research and innovation into the socioeconomic development of Cyprus to enhance its global competitiveness, attract investments and talent, and establish centers of excellence.

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IDEA Innovation Centre Accepting New Startups Applications

The IDEA Innovation Centre, backed by the Bank of Cyprus, is accepting applications for their Startup Programme until February 16, 2024. Startups accepted into the programme will receive seed capital, business creation training, mentorship, professional services, and networking opportunities to help them grow and succeed in the competitive startup world.

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Cyprus Showcases Advantages as a Hub for Foreign Businesses in London

Cyprus is emerging as an attractive hub for foreign businesses, thanks to its skilled workforce, modern legal system, low costs, transparent tax regime, and strategic location within the EU and Eurozone. The government offers tax incentives and initiatives like “digital nomad” visas to attract businesses, making Cyprus a flourishing environment for technology and innovative companies.

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Exploring Thai Cuisine with Roddy Damalis

Roddy Damalis takes us on a culinary journey through Thailand, showcasing his signature Thai recipes. With dishes like Thai Prawn Canapes and Thai Style Keftedes, Damalis infuses the vibrant essence of Thai flavors into his creations, capturing the true taste of Thailand.

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