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Embracing Failure: Cyprus Joins International Trend

Embracing the global phenomenon of Fuckup Nights, Cyprus is now part of a movement that celebrates imperfection, resilience, and growth. Through candid sharing of failures, Maria Sibirtseva and Alla Reveko are leading the charge in cultivating a community that values setbacks as stepping stones to success, sparking conversations and shifting perspectives in Limassol.

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Embracing Failure: Cyprus Joins International Trend

In Cyprus, Fuckup Nights has sparked a cultural shift towards embracing failures as stepping stones to success. Through open discussions and shared experiences, this global movement led by Maria Sibirtseva and Alla Reveko is reshaping how setbacks are viewed within the Cypriot professional community, turning fear of failure into a powerful tool for growth and learning.

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Emerging Business Opportunities in Cyprus for Student Startups

Cyprus offers a plethora of opportunities for student startups, from tech solutions in the sustainable energy sector to innovative travel experiences in the tourism industry. With a supportive business environment and a growing entrepreneurial spirit, student entrepreneurs can thrive in sectors like real estate, innovation, and sustainable hospitality on the vibrant island.

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Enhancing Turkish Cypriot Enterprises through the EUnite: SME Initiative

The ‘eunite: SME’ initiative by the European Commission is set to transform Turkish Cypriot enterprises with €4 million in funding for grants, mentorship, and support in digital transformation and EU standards alignment, fostering regional economic cohesion and crosscommunity trade. Strategic partnerships with GIZ International Services highlight a new dawn for local businesses, promising a sustainable and inclusive future through enhanced competitiveness and collaboration across the Green Line.

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Who’s that girl?

Evangelina Fysa’s fusion of fashion and technology has left an indelible mark on the industry. From founding a digital communications agency in Nicosia to championing sustainable fashion at Tallulah, her innovative spirit and strategic use of AI have positioned her as a leader in creating immersive experiences at the intersection of tech and creativity.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

Cyprus made waves in its economy this week by emphasizing sustainability in tourism through events like ‘Beach without Plastics’ and revising its industrial policy to align with Europe’s green and digital objectives. The nation also launched initiatives to support young entrepreneurs and saw growth in its maritime industry and luxury real estate market, showcasing resilience and commitment to ecofriendly practices amidst global challenges.

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€100,000 Up For Grabs in Sir Stelios’ Youth Entrepreneurship Awards

The Stelios Awards for Young Entrepreneurs in Cyprus, founded by Sir Stelios HadjiIoannou, offer €100,000 to innovative Cypriot youth under 35 who have started a company within the past 5 years. This competition not only celebrates entrepreneurship but also acts as a catalyst for economic development in the region, showcasing bright business ideas and providing substantial financial assistance to make them a reality.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

Cyprus Business Now: Weekly WrapUp highlighted key events including the groundbreaking First International Symposium on Digital Twins in Healthcare and the Green Agenda Cyprus Summit focusing on the island’s green economy. Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou received the first Gender Equality Award in Cyprus Shipping, while the GEM survey revealed strong entrepreneurial confidence among Cypriots. The Bank of Cyprus introduced electronic dividend payments, and Limassol is preparing for the ecofriendly Neocleous Tower, showcasing Cyprus’s dynamic progress in various sectors.

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Cyprus Firm Achieves Top Ranking in Deloitte Technology Fast 50, a Cyprusbased fintech firm, has achieved the top ranking in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for the third consecutive year with an astounding growth rate of 4,411%. This annual ranking highlights the fastestgrowing technology startups in the Middle East based on revenue growth, showcasing the innovative spirit and technological advancements within the region.

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