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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

Cyprus is making strides in business innovation and sustainability, with initiatives like Keve’s “Green Business Transition” seminar and startups like ROAR Games securing investments. Government proposals to support startups and efforts in STEM and sports industries are also driving economic development and environmental care in the country.

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Boosting Innovation: Cyprus Takes Action to Support Startups

Cyprus is proposing to eliminate fees for innovative startups to boost innovation and attract investors. This initiative includes abolishing incorporation fees and easing the transition of private companies into public entities, showcasing the country’s commitment to nurturing a thriving environment for entrepreneurship.

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Cyprus Showcases Startup Ecosystem in Barcelona

Cyprus wowed at the “Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024” with eight cuttingedge companies in sectors like biosensors and automation, positioning the island as a tech innovation hub. Led by Chief Scientist Demetris Skourides, the Cypriot delegation showcased local talent at a global tech event, attracting investors and collaborators to the Mediterranean region.

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Cyprus Showcases Innovation Prowess at SLUSH 2023

Cyprus made its mark at SLUSH 2023 by showcasing seven innovative startups at the Cypriot pavilion, signaling the country’s potential in research, technology, and investment. The event also served as a platform for networking, collaboration, and diplomatic talks to foster international relationships and partnerships.

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Realise Your Dream, Turn Your IDEA Into a Business

Realize your dream of starting a business with IDEA, the largest innovation center in Cyprus. They provide €20,000 in seed capital, business training, mentorship, and support services to help turn your idea into a successful venture. Apply by February 16, 2024, at to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

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IDEA Innovation Centre Accepting New Startups Applications

The IDEA Innovation Centre, backed by the Bank of Cyprus, is accepting applications for their Startup Programme until February 16, 2024. Startups accepted into the programme will receive seed capital, business creation training, mentorship, professional services, and networking opportunities to help them grow and succeed in the competitive startup world.

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