Cyprus Startups Eagerly Compete for Pre-Seed Funding Boost

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Idek’s pre-seed funding program in Cyprus has revolutionized the startup scene, supporting 35 startups and creating over 75 jobs since 2019. With funding of up to €119,999, Idek has played a pivotal role in fostering innovation and driving Cyprus’ economic growth.

What is the impact of Idek’s pre-seed funding program on Cyprus startups?

Idek’s pre-seed funding program in Cyprus has significantly catalyzed the startup ecosystem, offering up to €119,999 to support early-stage companies. It has funded 35 startups since 2019, created over 75 jobs, and helped startups attract substantial revenue, fostering innovation and aiding in Cyprus’ economic growth.

A Surge in Aspiring Innovators

The vibrant startup landscape of Cyprus is abuzz with anticipation as the Research and Innovation Foundation, commonly known as Idek, wrapped up its latest call for the much-coveted pre-seed funding program. Eager to ignite their entrepreneurial dreams, a staggering 134 startups threw their hats into the ring by the close of submissions on November 3, each hoping to secure up to €119,999 to fuel their nascent ventures.

Idek’s Support: Beyond Just Funding

Idek’s pre-seed program isn’t just about the financial boost; it’s a holistic ecosystem designed to shepherd early-stage companies through the treacherous waters of business. The aim is clear: to cultivate innovative concepts and shepherd them into the global marketplace as fully-fledged products and services. This year, the thrill of innovation was palpable as 106 fresh faces joined the battle, all vying for the first-time taste of Idek’s support.

Record-Breaking Engagement

The enthusiasm for Idek’s program has skyrocketed. The latest cycle attracted an impressive crop of proposals, dwarfing the previous year’s count of 90 with a clear message that Cyprus’ innovative spirit is stronger than ever. These figures are a testament to the burgeoning interest among the island nation’s entrepreneurs, signaling a fertile ground for technological and business advancements.

The Path to Innovation

With the selection process in full swing, the anticipation is mounting for the lucky startups that will receive the green light. These fledgling enterprises aren’t just looking at a financial windfall; they’re gaining access to a treasure trove of support services, including innovation and knowledge transfer assistance, which could well be the linchpin in their quest for success and sustainability.

A Track Record of Success

Since its inception in 2019, Idek has been a benevolent force in the startup ecosystem. With over €3.5 million disbursed, supporting 35 startups and spawning more than 75 new job opportunities, the pre-seed program has been nothing short of transformative. The ripple effect of investment and job creation has been tangible, with a notable quarter of the startups from the initial round managing to attract significant revenue streams.

The Backbone of Tomorrow’s Economy

Theodoros Loukaidis, the general director of Idek, envisions these startups as the pillars of Cyprus’ future economic landscape. In his view, these sprouting entities are not just businesses; they are the incubators of investment, job creation, and high-tech exports that will propel the nation forward. It’s this belief that fuels Idek’s commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial seeds that could one day grow into the mighty oaks of industry.

Cyprus Tomorrow: A National Vision

Integral to the national strategy, Idek’s pre-seed program is a cornerstone of the ‘Cyprus Tomorrow’ initiative. With the mission to foster innovation and entrepreneurship across the region, Idek is poised to be a catalyst in transforming Cyprus into a beacon of innovation that shines far beyond its shores.

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  • Idek’s pre-seed funding program in Cyprus has supported 35 startups and created over 75 jobs since 2019.
  • The program offers funding of up to €119,999 to early-stage companies.
  • 134 startups applied for Idek’s pre-seed funding program in the latest call for submissions.
  • Idek’s program provides support beyond funding, including innovation and knowledge transfer assistance.
  • Idek’s pre-seed program has been highly successful, with over €3.5 million disbursed and a quarter of the startups attracting significant revenue streams.
  • The program is part of the ‘Cyprus Tomorrow’ initiative, aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.
  • The program is seen as a key driver of Cyprus’ future economic growth and job creation.
  • Kyriacos Nicolaou of the Cyprus Mail has been providing coverage of local businesses and startups since 2020.

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