Unrest in Nicosia: Explosive Incidents at Local Cafés

explosions investigation

Two explosions rocked Nicosia, with one targeting a café in the city center and another hitting a café in the Lakatamia suburb. Authorities are investigating the incidents and working to determine who placed the explosive devices, causing damage to the surrounding areas.

What happened in Nicosia’s recent explosive incidents?

Two explosions occurred at popular café/bars in Nicosia: one in the city center and another in Lakatamia suburb. The blasts caused damage and an investigation is underway, with authorities seeking evidence to understand the deliberate placement of explosive devices.

Early Thursday morning, the calm of Nicosia was shattered by two separate explosions outside popular cafe/bars. The first of these incidents occurred in the heart of the city, while the second took place at a coffee shop in the suburban area of Lakatamia.

Central Nicosia Struck by Blast

The central Nicosia explosion caused notable damage to the surrounding area. It ripped through the quiet of the early hours, shaking the windows of a nightclub situated opposite the targeted coffee shop. Miraculously, the coffee shop itself was spared from harm. This unexpected event has left the city’s residents both bewildered and concerned.

Investigation Underway

Authorities descended on the scene promptly after the blast, which they have determined happened just after 4 a.m. The evidence suggests that an explosive device was deliberately placed on the pavement. As a result, the areas affected have been sealed off, and the Nicosia Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is thoroughly examining both locations to uncover crucial evidence.

A Journalist’s Life Beyond the Headlines

Iole Damaskinos, the reporter who has been following these developments, is known for her two-year tenure as a dedicated journalist. However, her interests extend beyond the investigative field into realms such as permaculture, health, and archaeology.

A Victory to Remember

In lighter news emanating from the city, sports fans were treated to an extraordinary victory as Arsenal’s football team celebrated a resounding 6-0 triumph over Lens. This remarkable sporting achievement was hailed by the manager Arteta as ‘beyond a dream’.

Additional Information and Services

The city offers a comprehensive list of services and information for its residents, including emergency and medical services, transport, telecom utilities, and essential consumer associations. It provides support and information to citizens through various channels, ensuring that the community’s needs are met efficiently.

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