1) forensic investigation

motorcycle heist suspects

Motorcycle Heist Investigation Leads to Varied Fates for Suspects

In the aftermath of a daring motorcycle heist in Limassol, two suspects were released due to lack of evidence while the remaining three were tied to the crime. Two of the three are now detained, while the third received conditional bail, shedding light on the challenges of crossborder crime and keeping the public intrigued about the final verdict.

arrest investigation

Boutique Break-In Leads to Arrest in Paphos

The arrest of a 35yearold woman in Paphos for a boutique breakin was the result of police acting on an anonymous tipoff, leading to the discovery of stolen clothing items at her residence. The arrest serves as a reminder that criminal acts will not be taken lightly in Paphos, with the police sending a clear message that they will pursue justice with the full force of the law.

hooligan violence investigation

Limassol Gripped by Hooligan Violence

In a recent incident, Limassol was gripped by hooligan violence as over a hundred individuals clashed near a football clubhouse, causing significant property damage. The investigation is challenging for authorities due to masked identities, and no arrests have been made yet.

armed robbery investigation

Second Arrest for Armed Robbery

The armed robbery at a kiosk in Protaras resulted in the arrest of a 35yearold man from Paphos who confessed to the crime and a 33yearold woman who was apprehended at Larnaca airport while attempting to flee Cyprus. The arrests brought a sense of safety back to the community.

1) forensic investigation

Human Bones Unearthed in Remote Akamas Region

During a routine hunting trip in the remote Akamas region, an offduty officer found scattered human bones and remnants of clothing. The discovery prompted a forensic investigation to identify the remains and determine if they are linked to a person reported missing since March.

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