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Man Killed in Tragic Highway Incident

Atanas Bornev, a 43yearold Bulgarian national, tragically lost his life in a fatal accident on the Limassol – Nicosia highway after colliding with dividers and another car. The incident, occurring at 9:30 PM, is currently under investigation to determine the cause of the heartbreaking event.

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The Prolonged Battle for Justice in the Thanasis Nicolaou Case

The Thanasis Nicolaou case has seen a prolonged battle for justice, with investigations marred by flaws and allegations of coverups. After almost two decades, the ruling of suicide has been challenged, revealing foul play, but the search for the perpetrators remains uncertain. Demand for competent, unbiased investigators is high to ensure justice and restore public faith in the system.

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Paralimni Car Crash Results in Tragic Loss

In Paralimni, a tragic car crash claimed the life of 52yearold British national Nicholas Charles Fox when he crashed into a tree on Vrysoudia Street. The incident has sparked a Famagusta traffic police investigation and raised concerns about road safety in Cyprus.

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Serial Paphos Burglary Suspects Detained

The Paphos burglary case involved twenty burglaries over three and a half years, resulting in goods worth €865,000 stolen from November 2020. Three suspects, two men and a woman, were detained with a large amount of gold jewellery and valuables found in their homes, as the investigation continues to uncover the full extent of the crimes.

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Justice at Last: The Thanasis Nicolaou Case

The Thanasis Nicolaou case concluded with a judge ruling that his 2005 death was due to strangulation, not suicide as initially asserted, after years of advocacy by his family. This verdict sparked a national outcry for justice, shedding light on investigative challenges and human rights implications in Cyprus.

justice investigation

The Controversy Surrounding Thanasis Nicolaou’s Case

The controversy surrounding Thanasis Nicolaou’s case deepens with recent judicial findings suggesting murder by strangulation, challenging the initial ruling of suicide. The family demands an independent investigation to uncover potential misconduct by officials and a systematic coverup, contradicting the authorities’ narrative upheld for 19 years.

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Three from Paphos Arrested for Litany of Burglaries

Tom Cleaver, the esteemed journalist behind the recent coverage of the Paphos burglary arrests, brings a fresh perspective to the unfolding events. With his linguistic talents and dedication to investigative reporting, Cleaver delves deep into the intricate details of the case, shedding light on the complexities of the criminal network at play.

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The Unveiling of the Deep State Through the Tragic Case of Thanasis Nicolaou

The tragic death of Thanasis Nicolaou has been redefined by a court ruling in Limassol, which determined he was a victim of strangulation, not suicide, vindicating his mother Andriana and exposing potential systemic corruption. The call for justice and a new criminal investigation has been amplified, raising questions about the integrity of legal institutions and the need for transparency and accountability in Cyprus.

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