1) forensic investigation

crime burglary

Paphos CID Uncovers Suspected Stolen Goods

In a recent operation, the Paphos Criminal Investigation Department (CID) uncovered suspected stolen gold and jewelry during a search, leading to the arrest of a 52yearold woman believed to be connected to a burglary. Evidence linked her to possession of stolen goods and potential involvement in other criminal activities, prompting ongoing investigations.

investigation justice

Public Plea for Information Over Thanasis Nicolaou Case

The Thanasis Nicolaou case has been reopened after 19 years, with two investigators diving into crucial documents to identify his murderers and investigate a potential coverup. The public’s cooperation is urgently sought for this quest for justice, emphasizing the importance of community engagement in resolving this longstanding mystery.

arson investigation

Search for Arsonists Continues After Devastating Limassol Fires

The search for the suspected arsonists behind the devastating fires in Limassol, particularly in Ayios Sylas and Ayios Therapontas, continues with authorities seeking eyewitnesses and individuals with a history of arson in rural areas. The fires, which ravaged livestock, structures, and verdant trees, have prompted an intensive investigation by Limassol police, who are reviewing CCTV footage and appealing for more information to bring the culprits to justice and prevent future incidents.

fire hazard school safety

A Blaze at Konia Primary School: Decorative Tires Ignite

The fire at Konia Primary School in Paphos started from decorative tires used as flower containers and quickly spread, requiring the prompt response of fire services to extinguish the blaze. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the potential dangers of repurposing everyday items in ways that may pose unexpected risks, prompting authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to prevent similar incidents in the future.

investigation prevention measures

Urgent Manhunt Underway for Limassol Firestarters

An urgent manhunt is underway in Limassol to capture the arsonists behind the devastating fires in the Ayios Sylas and Ayios Therapontas regions, leading to widespread property and environmental damage. Authorities are diligently investigating witness accounts and suspicious activities to bring the culprits to justice and prevent future incidents.

investigation tragedy

Ombudswoman’s Investigation on Bangladeshi Man’s Death ‘On Hold’

The ombudswoman’s investigation into Anisur Rahman’s tragic death in Cyprus is currently paused, awaiting access to case files related to the police raid that led to his fatal fall from a balcony. The fate of the other individuals involved remains uncertain, with legal and societal ramifications intertwining with the quest for justice in this unfolding tragedy.

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